Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Harry Potter

I didn't like H.P. and the Half Blood Prince. Not because of the writing. J.K. Rowling is as terrifc a writer as she ever was but because the book is such a downer. Harry, Hermione and Ron are very distant and dismissive of Hagrid and I wasn't happy to read that. Ron's only cares about sex and Hermie has turned into a tiresome, smug old woman at 16. And reading how all the adults including Dumbledore let Harry down was irritating. None of them suspects Draco--- sure the kid is 16 but he IS the proud son of a known Deatheater and it's obvious that Draco wants to be just like his old man.

None of the adults around Harry want to hear a peep of suspicion about Snape. Why? Snape used to be a Deatheater and they are like the mafia, once you're in you can just leave. Besides, for all of his brilliance, Snape is still after 15 years still essentially obsessed with stuff that happened in high school. How mentally stable is that? Snape never socializes privately with the other teachers. He lives apart from other wizards and apparently has never had a friend, female or otherwise. If I was one of the teachers and Harry came to me I'd probably say a few things to calm the kid but I'd have privately had my eye on Snape. None of the teachers does that.


Another annoying thing is the relationship between Harry and Ginny. It's just too pat. Everyone seems to want him to be with girl next door Ginny but why? G. is a nice girl but why her out of all the girls at Hogwarts? Considering how H. feels about the Weasleys this almost seems incestuous. Frankly, dating Luna Lovegood would've been more interesting.

I did like one two things though: the scenes with Draco were brilliant. Draco is a brat but now he's in over his head. One of my favorite scenes from Kill Bill is when Uma Thurman realizes that one of the Crazy 88s is only a teen. She whacks him across the backside with the flat side of her sword and tells him to go home to his mother. Voldemort won't be sending Draco home and it's clear that the boy is in big trouble. He's caught between the dark lord and a possible stint in Azkaban. Rowling actually made me pity the boy.

The other thing good Rowling does is to show how free will is more important than fate. Voldemort and H. are very much alike in that they are both orphans and until they went to Hogwarts they both had childhoods that none of us would envy but one is hopelessly evil (Don't look for him to come back from the dark side ala Anakin. Volde is the emperor and he's loving it) and one is good.

A lot of Christians are upset by the Potter books and that's rather sad. I would not allow my children to read the books unless I was sure that they understood that it's just a story and that real witchcraft is satanic but I don't see dangers that poor Michael O'Brien is carrying on about.

Instead of worrying about Potter check out Judy Blume. Her swill has the potential to harm far more kids than HP. In fact, if they checked out the teenager section of their local bookstore most parents would be shocked at what they're kids are being sold as normal behavior.

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