Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thinking about a reunion

I was at a traditionalist web site and was stunned by the anti semitism expressed by several of the posters and by the fact that nobody else chastised them. I don't mean anti-semitism as in somebody disagreed with something a Jewish person said or somebody doesn't think modern day Israel is the same as Israel in the Bible. I mean these people were hard core Jew haters. I hurried up and left that site.

I feel great empathy for the regular folks in the traditionalist movement. We need them. I hope the Latin Mass will be widely and generously offered to everyone who wants to go and that the breakaway groups will be able to come home.

Bad times are coming to the American church and we need people who know how to carry on with hardly any priests, hardly any churches and in the face of general contempt. In return we could offer them a little fresh air. A mass infusion of new blood could wash out the anti semite infection.

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