Thursday, December 01, 2005

more about harry

I have relatives who won't let their kids read the Harry Potter books or watch the movies because they're afraid the kiddies will be seduced into the occult. Personally, I think my relatives are well meaning but full of ...well....crap.

Real witchcraft has nothing to do with brooms or polyjuice spells. When I say witch, I'm not talking about some sad eyed college girl lighting candles and chanting in her dorm room because she can't get a date, I mean the real practitioners. These people look just like you and me and a lot of them go to church every Sunday. The great strength of voodoo, root magic, root work, ect. is that it blends in.

In New Orleans it was out in the open but New Orleans is a weird, freaky place anyway. Voodoo is practiced all over America and the people who do are serious. I've never come in direct contact with any root worker but I know people who have made that mistake. Real witches may not be able to make a love potion but they certainly are adept at mixing up a tea that will cause an abortion or a heart attack. Harry Potter won't lead your kids to these people. You have to deliberately go out and find them.

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