Friday, September 18, 2009

What's up with that?

I saw a post on Angelqueen about a group of Juventutem kids who went to WYD in Germany. One of the moderators complained that the girls in the above photo looked like whores. The majority of commentors rejected this opinion but I really have wonder about a man who thinks young girls in sweat shirts and jeans look like prostitutes. Especially since these young girls have come from around the world to go to Mass. My guess is that the moderator is :
A. An overly intense kid who's never left his mama's home.
B. Unable to date becuase he's too "holy". Actually it's because he really fears women.
C. Someone who thinks the Taliban's treatment of women is excessive but understandable under their circumstances.
D. One of those precious few, thank God, men who secretly thinks marital sex is a necessary evil.


Charlotte said...

The SSPX newspaper routinely runs ads to buy a DVD that explains how WYD is a tool of Satan and all the music there is rock music meant to lure the kids into the world and how all the girls there are dressed immodestly.

Old Bob said...

"Dear Abby" said, ages ago when I was young, that a sweater should be tight enough to show she's a woman and loose enough to show she's a lady. I grant you some women's jeans are too tight, but, as you said, when one is traveling halfway around the world, jeans are mighty practical.

James H said...

They look alright to me

Terry Nelson said...

They look fine to me too.