Thursday, November 28, 2019

I got nowhere else to go

This week a lot of people have been talking about losing their religion and going Orthodox or maybe just sitting at home in despair. Both Ann Barnhardt and Non Veni Pacem  have written masterful answers to these folks. The one thing that has long come to my mind when I read posts and hear podcasts of people who are doubting and looking at the backdoor is this scene from An Officer and a Gentleman. I got nowhere else to go. There is nowhere else to go. I watched a clip of the Russian Orthodox Easter service last year and a tear came to my eyes because I compared it to some of the appalling Masses I've been to but it didn't shake me. The Orthodox look nice* but they are not Catholic.  There is only one holy, catholic and apostolic church. There is only one Bride of Christ and outside of her is nothing. Don't let the Judases seduce you or drive you away from Christ. That's it.

*A lot of people babble about how awful Catholic Twitter is. If you want to see mean and nasty I suggest you spend an hour or two hanging out on Orthodox Twitter. 


  1. No, we can’t go anywhere. The Barque of Peter is in a typhoon, and the guys on the bridge that are supposed to be sailing her are busy having a drunken orgy instead; but we don’t on that account jump overboard.

  2. Time to man up.! Christ's Church is under assault. It has been for some time. If you have the faith, which you do, if you are baptized and believe the Creed, then you're a soldier. You're going to jump ship when it gets ugly ? No way ! It's a time for heroes. Be thankful. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the tearing down of strongholds. It's a great time to be a soldier of Christ. Join your Rosaries to those offered by the Church worldwide and thousands of mighty Angels of the Holy One will be enlisted to conquer the enemies of Christ. Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis. Our Lady of Lepanto, Pray For Us.

  3. That is not true. There are several (five?) orthodox patriarchates that are in communion with Rome, e.g. Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate.

  4. Such a scandal that Steve "Francis is definitely Pope" Skojec allowed such a hideous piece to be published.

    Telling how the "Benedict is Pope" contributors/bloggers ALWAYS have an answer that is clear and Catholic. The "Francis is Pope" crowd....not so much.

    Kudos to Ann and Mark for getting on Miss Nickolas'scandalous piece so quickly!

  5. A. M.—agreed we dumb sheep can’t abandon ship. We must storm the bridge, tho! and throw the bums, out as they say. Fully agree w Don Juan too. The Most Holy Rosary is weapon number one. But we must employ all weapons at our command—prayer, fasting (not my strong suit), and other means including reason and the pen, to simply state the truth. Consider.

    A. What is ‘Francis’s’ status? I am convinced that it’s highly unlikely he’s a true pope. A false pope, yes. See Fatima re apostasy in Church “at the highest levels,” per Sr. Lucia. Plus, the possible text of 3d Secret explicitly warns of “a false pope” “leading the [crowds of] people into a church of Hell.”

    B. Cardinal Bergoglio aka Antipope Francis is a grave danger to souls, constantly teaching falsely, reinforcing people in their favorite sin;

    C. He’s openly denied truths of the Faith, as e.g.inherent in worshipping idols—demons in fact—and actually honoring Satan at Mass (!) with his Stang in place of a crozier (Youth Synod, October 2018). Denying Christ’s divinity & resurrection; denying immortality of the sou; denying Hell is real or that there’s anyone in it....

    Finally, D. It is amply evident—as +ViganĂ² charged in August 2018–that Cardinal Bergoglio is in fact the chief, leader, promoter and defender (to the death) of the clerical McCarrick-al Homosexual Network Strangling the Church.

    Pope? Holy Father? Vicar of Christ?

    I don’t believe it.

    Even aside from Pope Benedict’s dubious ‘resignation’ (of what precisely—office or ministry?), the evidence of Bergoglio being a false pope is mountainous, overwhelming and believe it or not, growing.

    Souls are at risk. Human lives are at risk.

    Bergoglio and his coven are a mortal threat to the Church as a whole—which he wants to shipwreck—and equally to each individual sheep—which he wants to devour, like his master ravenous for souls.

    We need a clear statement of the truth, so that others may not follow the false pope. To save one soul is worth more than all the world.

    We also really need a movement. But movements start with prophets and leaders brave enough to tell the truth. That means discerning the truth first.

    Dymphna, btw, you need only to attend the Old Latin Mass—even nicer and finer than the lovely Byzantine rite (of which my Czech grandfather was a part).

    All—remember Mary, the Immaculate Heart. “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!”

    1. Amen. "Discerning the truth" first which begins with prayer and submission to God's will.

  6. Yes, trying to make sense of the Recognize and Resist position will make you crazy. On the one hand calling Bergoglio "Holy Father" and on the other calling him a heretic, apostate, or worse. We must submit fully to the Roman pontiff in order to be in union with the Catholic Church. We can't pick and choose which teachings, documents,liturgy,catechism or Canon laws to follow. If you truly believe that the post V2 popes are all valid, then start submitting to their teachings! Amoris Laetitia especially! If not, then follow all from 1958 and before and wait until a holy Catholic pope is elected. There is nothing that contradicts a long interregnum between valid popes. It could be a truly schismatic attitude to call a man His Holiness and then promptly ignore and dismiss everything he says. That's not a Catholic attitude. Only plausible explanation: Bergoglio is an antipope.
    I can't understand why Trad Inc. insists that he must be a valid pope, especially with the mountain of evidence to the contrary. It's mind boggling.

  7. If one does not accept the doctrine of Doctrinal Development (which I do not, even in its Newmanian rendition), it all depends on how Matthew 16 was read by the earliest Christians, by Peter, himself. More expensively, by the universal Church up to Christmas Eve, 800.

    That interpretation overrides any inventive reading into the apostolic witness.

    That being the case, one can freely move from Rome to any of the other Patriarchal Sees with a clear conscience - and, without fear.


  8. "There is only one Bride of Christ and outside of her is nothing." It's getting scarier. Our Roman Catholic Church is turning into the Great Whore right before our eyes. The Apocalypse said it would happen, but when it happened, it's hard to believe your own eyes. The salvation history has already gone so far. Was her goal to lead us into a dead end? No, the Apocalypse clearly says [Rev 18, 4-5]: „Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and the Lord hath remembered her iniquities.” The tribulations we experience has one purpose: to separate the grain from the chaff. The chaff will stick to the slimy Harlot. And the grain? Hand-picked grain, the elect will go directly to the Kingdom of God promised to us by the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  10. All of the Catholic writers mentioned in the post, misrepresent the position of those who would seek out a so-called "orthodox" church. These people do not believe the errors prevalent in the East, it is rather that they recognize the empirical fact that the institutional diocesan parish promulgates more error than the so-called "orthodox". By going to an "orthodox" church they are closer to the Catholic Faith than they would be going to a "Catholic" church.

    When I sit at my Sunday Suburban Parish, in a sea of Packer jerseys and yoga pants, listening to a buddy man playing on the bongos in accompaniment to a grey hair choir singing a new church into being, or when I hear father chuck talk about how he and his jewish childhood friend made a pact that neither one believed in or would believe in an exclusivist God despite what their elders taught them-- and how he honors that pact even today-- you can understand that I would come to believe that an orthodox mass would be closer to Catholicism than that!

    Don't beat up a Strawman, try to beat up the Mud Man who lurks in the Great mess which is the real world if you dare.

    1. Like Padre Pio—you gotta trash the Mud Man.

  11. Jim Donovan, the church you attend is a direct threat to your faith and well-being. For heaven's sake do an online search in your state for the Traditional Latin Mass, or Latin Rite Mass, and go. Hopefully there is a diocesan TLM somewhere, but if not, go SSPX or FSSP.
    There is no reason for anyone except the very elderly who perhaps can't travel to endure the nightmare of bad Novus Ordo Masses. Once you experience the TLM, you will not be able to go back to the hootenanny's. Let Francischurch continue to devolve until it collapses.
    Come back home to the Traditional Latin Rite.

  12. I appreciate your advice and agree, but I also appreciate and understand people seeking out "orthodox" masses, since at least then there is no pretense of communion with blatant heretics. Francis preaches heresy, I am not in communion with him, or any other heretic, because they are not in communion with Christ. When I go to masses that recognize him as if he were pope I do so as if I were a catholic in Siberia with no other option but to go to an "orthodox" mass. Since the latter analogy perfectly describes my situation I am sympathetic to people who go to "orthodox" masses.

  13. Jim—if it’s any consolation I urge, nay beg, priests who offer the Old Mass to include Benedict at the Te Igitur.

    One of the best said Sunday—“Hey, you’re right— I probably should.”


  14. Others have told me: “I think you’re right. There’s no way Francis could be pope.”

    Say it publicly, I practically shout.

    “Oh I can’t do that. They (the bishop/Chancery, other bishops—he’s a retreat ‘master’) would ostracize me.”

    So what. You have a home, a 77-acre farm, and a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament. What else do you need?!

    “Well, I have to pay my taxes.”

    First: Render to God what is God’s.

    At least, start w the Te Igitur—and see what happens.

  15. There are 5 liturgical rites in the Roman rite, and there are 5 other rites with 23 sui juris Churches. All are Catholic, not Orhtodox.

  16. Why go anywhere else? I’m staying put right right where I am in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. I’m not the one screwing around with it. F—k those who are. They’re the ones who will have to answer for it. When Jesus comes he will find me staying put where I have been, in spite of the nonsense of Francis and all Modernists before and after him. Laus Deo!

  17. Pretty sure that was the "Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Place" back on October 6th where "Pope" F had them bring in the Pachamama Idol/Demon to the Vatican and place it where St. Peter was crucified by Pagans and then he literally bowed down to it while they did a Pagan Ritual (the blowing on dirt etc. was just that -- the lies told to try to fool the rubes didn't make it any less of a Pagan Ritual....) and supposedly with head bowed he "prayed an Our Father" -- the Demonic Ritual bowl, with the demon's name on it, was then planted with some kind of greenery and it was handed to Pope F and he placed it on the Altar at Holy Mass before Our Lord. Did some of you miss this and its significance? Right up there with the worst that happened back in the Old Testament as to Idol Worship by the King's of Israel, worse, and always massively chastised....

    (Some argue St.JP2 did something similar but he had Parkinsons and seemed to have some Masonic Cardinals pulling the strings etc....-- here there is no doubt of the intentions of "Pope" F). If you think the "Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Place" could be something else -- please mention what that might be-- what in fact would be worse and more of an insult to God than what happened?

    The Exorcists tell us Demonic activity and power is way up since--they want (anonymously of course given who runs the Vatican....) to have a day of prayer and fasting in response on December 6th. All should read up on what happens soon after the "Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Place" occurs -- tellingly it was the Gospel last Sunday in Traditional Mass Parishes-- who knows what was going on in the Masonic Bugnini NOMass....

    The Angel appeared to the Akita seer on October 6th and basically let her know the Chastisements are about here that were warned about 40 years ago when he last appeared to her. I think people should clue in that this is where we are no and start getting prepared for what is shortly to start occurring. I expect the Vatican will be flattened in an Earthquake at some point during these coming Chastisements given what has happened to it and who now "runs" it unfortunately....

    The Catholic Church was thoroughly infiltrated and hijacked by Masons, it was warned about even by Our Lord to the Holy Stigmatist Julie Marie Jahenny in 1902 where he predicted the Bugnini Masonic Mass substitution for His Holy Mass-- that in fact happened in the demonic Vatican 2 with its "reforms" from Hell -- despite all the Warnings-- Pecorelli's List of Masons (Bugnini was on it, Pecorelli murdered right after releasing it)etc. no proper defenses were set up and it happened. After October 6th it seems we will finally be seeing God's response to all this. Prayers! God bless all!

  18. And pray this prayer:
    Prayer for the redemption of judgmental laity
    From becoming so-called watchdogs of priests- deliver us!
    From running to the bishop when we disagree with our pastor (or running to the Vatican when we disagree with our bishop) - deliver us!
    From attempting to spiritually form our priests instead of ourselves- deliver us!
    From thinking we are being more Catholic than the Pope- deliver us!
    From setting a higher standard for priests that we would never follow ourselves-deliver us!
    From setting clergy and laity against one another for personal gain- deliver us!
    From lapsing into congregationalism- deliver us!!
    From being divisive rather than incisive; and destructive rather than constructive- deliver us!
    From whining “if it is not done my way, I will leave!” (Go ahead-depart and leave the parish and its priests in peace!)
    Lord hear out prayer; AMEN!