Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cut to the Heart and Random Thoughts Before Michaelmass

Mary, the Divine Shepherdess
  • I was reading a Catholic site and came across a man's comment that he checks his son's tablet and phone every week and changes the passwords in order to keep the boy from looking at porn. Other people congratulated him for his vigilance but I thought that if I knew this man personally and if I had a daughter she'd never be allowed within ten feet of this his son. Dude, you just admitted to the whole world that your son can't stop looking at pornography.

    The always interesting blogger and reader of this blog, Hans Georg Lundahl   points out that this man could also be inadvertantly telling the world
    that he is an overly suspicious  father.  I hadn't thought of that and I am reminded
    of a sad story from  many years ago. A Baptist preacher was so strict and 
    distrustful of his five daughters that the youngest simply snapped.  
    She got married to a relative of mine, mainly to get out of the house and proceeded
    to become the monster that her father feared she could be. She had an affair, toyed with
    witchcraft and did other things I won't go into here. My 
    my relative divorced her and got
    custody of their child. She  later had a child out of wedlock 
    and turned to 
    alcohol. Yes, her choices were horrible but her father's super tough approach 
    helped make that way. Parents, you can drive an good kid crazy.  As St. Paul 
    said, "Fathers, provoke not your children to indignation,  lest they be discouraged.

  • Maybe Catholic and any other serious academic establishment should drop Homecoming and the Prom.  Half, if not most of what goes on at our schools has nothing to do with education.
  • Anybody who makes their living from talking to your kids about sex day in and day out and who gets angry and insulting if you object is probably a pervert. A pervert is what he or she is just as a rabid raccoon is what it is. You can't reason with the pervert or expect any mercy.The really infuriating people are they useful idiots who go along with the pervert because they don't want to lose social status or their jobs. The Nashville debacle is going to force parents to take their kids out of Catholic schools or try homeschooling.
  • An old woman in her 70s wrote on another site that Mass at her parish is too solemn now and that there is less room for socializing. I don't know why, because I have heard such talk before,  but it cut me to the heart.  The only ones having a jolly time at Mt. Cavalry were Our Lord's enemies. 

    The Holy  Mass only has four precious aims. They are to adore God, to may reparation for sins, to petition God, and to thank Him. That's it. Socializing has no place in Mass. Save that for the parish hall or the parking lot afterwards.

  • Be very careful with people who pay their bills according to what they write or say about the Church. When the mortgage or their kid's tuition is on the line people can be dangerously....flexible.

  •  My parish, St. Rita's is having a sung Mass on Thursday, September 29,  for Michaelmass at 7:0 PM. 
St. Michael, the Archangel