Saturday, June 04, 2022

Random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon

  • Nigerian Christians are being terrorized and nobody seems to care. Priests and seminarians have been kidnapped and murdered. A church was attacked on Pentecost Sunday and the estimates are 50 or more people were slaughtered. Villages have been burnt, a young woman was lynched...Where is the Catholic media? 

  • Is the new Obi Wan show so bad that Disney/Lucas Film is ginning up a faux controversy to fool people into watching it?

  • Why are people so gleefully evil towards sedevaticantists? Is it the group-think need  to have someone on the outside to hate? I don't agree with them but they are Catholic and deserve civility. If you can plop yourself down to a seder at your parish or  say not a word of protest when your priest hands over your parish hall  to Muslims, while they build their mosque down the street then why NOT do the brotherhood of man song and dance in regards  to a Sede?

    Your archbishop has a woman's nick-name. There haven't been ten men ordained in one year for decades in your diocese.  You can't recall the last time you saw a real nun on the parish grounds, much less at Mass. The "Catholic" high school is celebrating sexual sin  and Confession is about 30 minutes once a week at your parish--if Fr. isn't busy Tweeting or doing his You Tube videogame review.  There's less than 50 people at Mass but you have two Eucharist Ministers.  The head of your RCIA program is loudly pro-abortion and not one thing will be done about it... Are things so wonderful that you can cheerfully damn a Sede on the Internet, whom you don't even know, to Hell for looking at all this and trying to find an answer? Would you ever even dream of treating  a Lutheran or Mormon the way I've seen Sedes talked to in Catholic social media?

    Are there annoying Sedes? Yes, but of course.  Some are downright obnoxious. Some have been driven mad and you just can't talk to them. There are also calm, erudite sedevaticantists who are able to make their argument with dignity and clarity. Again, I don't agree with them. If there hasn't been a pope since 1958, I don't see how we can ever have one again. The last cardinals made by Pius XII must be over 100 by now and may be in their dotage.  I can make that point without going, "Shut up you stupid, sub-human Sede and go to Hell." 

    St. Charles Lwanga, pray for us.