Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Random thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon

  • LARPing Catholics who pretend to be English lords and post ridiculous photos of themselves and their Disneyfied version of a castle home probably repel untold numbers of people who might have discovered a love for the traditional Mass.

  • Before Rocky and I got married we were miserable when we were apart. Rocky's mother once told me that he  was so grouchy when he wasn't out with me that although she was not happy about our marriage she had to admit that once we were married he was all smiles again. I cannot imagine being forced to wait and take expensive marriage prep classes for a year before we could have been  married.

  • I've always been somewhat lukewarm about FSSP and ICKSP because neither order has a parish or chapel near me and both serve at the whim of the local bishop. It looks like ICKSP will be effectively destroyed in Chicago starting August 1. 

    My Jesus, mercy!