Saturday, August 27, 2022

Two thoughts on a Saturday night

  •  Actor Shia LeBeouf has converted. I'm not running around shouting hosanna because let's face people, the man is an actor, and one who is promoting his new movie. He's also been a major flake in the past and this could be a phase or he could be harassed out of it.  Actor, Chris Pratt used to thrill the Evangelicals by claiming to be a devout Christian but he faced a lot of nastiness about it in Hollywood. In a recent statement he now claims that he's really not all that religious. Lionizing celebrity converts is not good for them or the foolish lionizers. If the fact that such and such notable person is Catholic is the thing that really makes you proud to be Catholic then you have a problem that could make you lose your Faith one terrible day. I hope that LeBeouf is genuine and remains in the Faith but it doesn't affect mine in any way, shape or form.  St. Genesius, patron saint of actors, please pray for Shia.

  • On September 17th there is going to be a walking pilgrimage from the cathedral in Arlington, Virginia to the cathedral in DC. The pilgrims will be praying for a restoration of the traditional Mass. That's wonderful and I commend those who will be walking and praying but I really hope that plans are being made for helping people who don't drive get to Mass once the restrictions go into place.  I was born and raised in DC and there's no way I'd take a bus or the train to get the Franciscan monastery. The area you will need to travel through  gets rough and I'm putting that mildly. Things are better now but you can still get mugged or see some drug deals going down as you pass by. St. John the Evangelist is in Silver Spring and a lot of Silver Spring isn't all that nice. St. Dominic's mission is too far for most folks.  People who can't drive will need rides. 

    The situation in Virginia is better as far as the number of places that will be allowed to offer the TLM but in the long term it's all supposed to end in two years. Logistical and financial back-up plans need to be ironed out now. I hope somebody is thinking about this and I hope people are talking about getting together to pay for renting spaces for Mass which is what most folks had to do in the 70s and 80s to attend the TLM.