Saturday, April 01, 2023

Rules for Catholic Twitter (Works for other sites too)

 Rules for Catholic Twitter

  1. Do not go on any form of social media if you are easily hurt by other people's opinions. 

  2. Do not ask for advice and become offended when people give it.

  3. Don't offer marital or child rearing advice unless you are committed to calling the shot as you see it and don't really care what people think. 

  4. Do not show your children's photos.  

  5. Do not show photos of the outside of your home or the road near your home.  It's really easy to find you that way. Practice OPSEC and use your common sense. 

  6. Do not use your real name unless you are a public figure. Normal people with jobs could end up fired or with an unhinged madman at the doorstep at 3 in the morning. See Rule 4. 

  7. If you use your real name or have made it easy to for complete strangers to figure out who you are don't shame your children and adult relatives by sharing their personal business. 

  8. Do not strip your loved ones of their dignity by showing the world  photos of them in a helpless, sick and dying state then ask for privacy or be offended by the nasty and crazy comments you get. 

  9. Do not talk about how simple, poor and humble your life is while showing photos of your trip to Europe on "pilgrimage," and be shocked if you get blowback. Look, we all know you didn't bilocate to Europe. The passport, tickets, food and lodgings and in country transport cost big  money. Some people will attack you because they are jealous, and shame on them but others will see you as a hypocrite and might call you out.  

  10. Do not keep posting about how much you hate whatever site you are on and how evil everyone is. Just leave. 

  11. Don't say shocking things just for views and then get all righteous when someone becomes alarmed and calls either the cops or CPS. 

  12. Do remember that everybody has an opinion and while a lot of them are better left unsaid, except for blasphemy and unrepentant admission or approval of certain sins, they have a right to them just as you have a right to yours.

  13. Don't let what's happening on Twitter or any site turn you into a nut---please!  If you feel yourself becoming obsessed turn the computer off. Go be with your family. Attend to the  duties  of your state in life and consider leaving the site for good. 

  14. Don't get mad if someone comments negatively about your immodest photos.  You needed attention. You got it.    

  15. Pray more.