Friday, October 30, 2020

Halloween thoughts

Halloween isn't what it was when you and I were kids. It's become sleazy on one level and dangerous on another. Have you noticed the explosion of demonic activity in this country and around the world in the past few years alone? And isn't there something schizophrenic about dressing your child up as a demon  and sending him out to the neighbors and demanding candy? I know of people who turn their lights out and pretend to be out on Halloween because they don't want to participate but are afraid of "pranks" and becoming  unpopular in the neighborhood. 

 Why do grown people downplay it when  a "grouchy,", "humorless" neighbor's house is attacked with eggs or his yard is strewn with toilet paper on Halloween when these same people would scream and carry on if someone did that to them on any other night of the year? What kind of Catholic says something like, "Well I don't approve but Old Jim or Old Lady Jones  is so cantankerous and never does anything in the community so no wonder the kids did the kids pulled a prank,"? It's talk like that that made me seriously rethink modern Halloween.

Monday, October 26, 2020

In your charity could you say a prayer for my Cousin Pearl? Plus other random thoughts.

  • My cousin Pearl just got out of lock down. She lives in a nursing home and one of the residents got sick. The other resident was taken to the hospital and was exposed to Covid. Upon returning to the nursing home some authority decided that all the residents had to be restricted to their rooms for 14 days. Family members normally go to the porch of the nursing home and wave to her and talk to her on the cell phone. For 14 days she couldn't even do that. She and all the residents were not allowed to walk around the nursing home.

    Another cousin went to see Pearl yesterday on the first day when the residents were let out of their rooms.  Pearl has lost weight and looks very unhappy to me. She's 93. Folks we don't treat murderers like this. 

  • Thank the Lord. My next door neighbors have finally moved. They were so nasty that I used to see roaches walking in and out under their front door. I suspect that the children in the family were the ones who were drawing on the walls of the apartment building hallways. 

  • Archbishop Wilton Gregory is going to be made a cardinal. Some people are shocked but really folks, it was already set in stone. Traditionally the head of DC will be made a cardinal eventually whether he was a good bishop, a good priest, or even a good man. Heck look at McCarrick and Wuerl. The DC diocese is polluted. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

If your cause leads you to threaten nuns then you have a cause that I'm pretty sure is demonic

So this is where we're at, America. A male, (he's not fit to be called a man), posted photos of nuns on Twitter and  is deliberately trying to cause harm to them and their order  because they went to the Trump rally. The whole point of "doxing" is to put people's personal information on the Web in order that other evil people will harass or perhaps even harm your victim.  This  individual would have been right at home with the kind of males who went after good women in Paris, the Vendee, Poland and Spain. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Jordan Peterson is back and Louie Verrechio speaks plainly

 I just watched a video by a priest cheering because Dr. Jordan Peterson is back from his near death experience. I have a few questions but the main one is this:  Considering that Peterson did not practice what he preached and his personal life seems to have been a train wreck what advice can he give a young man? 

Oh rank and file Knights what to do now? Have Knight families been fooled? Is the KoC running a managed opposition campaign? Does anyone think that Fr. McGiveny would approve?

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Louie Makes Himself Clear

 Louie Verrechio used to annoy me when he'd carp about the March for Life or the Knights of Columbus's involvement because he'd always allude to what he thought was wrong but was  vague on details. Now,  he and the magnificent Randy Engel have spelled out their argument.  It's a thorough and disturbing one. 

It looks like Nellie Gray was betrayed either on her deathbed or after her death by the people running the March now. It also looks like the heads of the organization aren't fighting for the outright abolition of abortion but rather, a slow nibbling away at it. Essentially, the consensus idea seems to be to pragmatically ignore  babies in the first trimester for now in order to convince people that abortion in the latter trimesters is evil and should done away with. Supposedly after years of that people will come to realize that protection should be extended for all babies. 

The March leadership, Randy Engel writes, has also  made an effort to water down the Catholicism that led Nellie Gray to start the March in the first place because the current president of March for Life feels that "Nellie Gray's leadership was "too Catholic," " and continuing in Nellie's path might offend the kindly Protestants, Jews and even pagans who might be pro-life but would hold their noses and let babies die rather than rally with Catholics to stop it. 

I'm going to have to read the whole thing a few times to fully digest it but I don't like what I've read and as the wife of Knight of Columbus I really am disgusted with Carl Anderson. 

Sunday, October 11, 2020

This is wrong

 Jesuit Tampa High School had the Stanley Cup on display before the Blessed Sacrament. You don't have to be a theologian or a saint to know that this is wrong. Whoever allowed this needs to step down or be removed. 

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Pope St. Pius

 Dear Pope St. Pius, please pray for the Church.