Sunday, April 26, 2015

Take what happened to Bishop Finn as a learning experience.

  • I have read several commentaries on the resignation of Bishop Finn and see that a lot of people are very sore.  Look, let's not sugar coat this.  Bishop Finn waited six months to call the cops on a suspected pedophile. A doctor, a nurse or a teacher (which is ironic because of all the perverted teachers) can lose their job for not reporting suspected abuse. In order for me to volunteer to set up tables and inflate balloons for the parish kid's Summer camp I would have to go to the police station and get finger printed and take VIRTUS training. The bottom line is this: due to the unchecked sins of certain priests and the resulting media frenzy, no churchman can afford to hesitate if he thinks or has been told that there is a problem in a parish. Discreet inquiries and private investigations  don't cut it anymore, especially because in the past they usually led to a priest being reassigned to... another parish. The civil authorities have to be called immediately. Anything else is nothing more than a gift shovel to the Church's enemies which they will cheerfully use to bash us with.
    The great tragedy of Bishop Finn is that he is by many local accounts, a good man who showed one lapse of judgement. The new bishop will probably be a liberal and all the good that Bishop Finn did in cleaning up a bad diocese will go for naught. Some people are worried about what will happen to the Benedictine Sisters. Will a new bishop treat them decently or will they have to move again? Rorate Caeli says that something isn't right when Bishop Robert Finn has to go but Bishop Juan Barros is apparently the Pope's favored man. Well yes, something IS NOT right in the universal Church but we can't ignore the fact that Bishop Finn blundered. If you would fight the forces of darkness you must be like the apostles after Pentecost. You must be above reproach in your personal life and you must demonstrate wisdom, as well as all the other virtues.
  • I had planned to go to Baltimore next week to visit the shrines and cathedral but in light of the recent rent a riot we'll pass.
  • A good  man was railing against cell phones a few days ago. He said they are an avenue for pornography viewing.  I like him and didn't have to the heart to write back what I really thought, especially since I was reading his comments on my phone. Bless his heart, but it's not the phone, it's the person. In the old days you had to subscribe to smut via the mail or go to the dirty book store. Today you can read erotica on your desktop, phone, tablet or Kindle and sigh after some fake dream man while looking at your poor husband. The sin is still yours no matter the medium of delivery.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Leave her to Heaven....

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious will die out. What devout young woman in her right mind would give her life to this? 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mass Without Pews... wartime

Give thanks for the good

A lot of bad things are happening in the Church today.  There are people in the highest level of our Church who want to destroy the Faith. I don't know if they are honest enough to say this to themselves and I don't really care. By their actions they are destroyers and they can't be content until the rest of us bow our heads and silently go along with them. So, let us be thankful and supportive of every priest and religious that we meet who manages to continue doing what the Church has always told them to do.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Christ among the ruins

This drawing shows a scene in Italy during WWII but looking at it I was reminded of the situation in our Church and our country. Pat Archbold at Creative Minority is one of the very few who plainly says America is doomed. I happen to think he's right. If you look at things clearly it's obvious that our country is like a fresh zombie. It looks okay until you get too close and get a good look and it hasn't started to stink too badly yet. I think we've reached the mokita stage in America. A lot of us feel that something is wrong but we say nothing for fear of social ostracism. Laugh at the preppers if you want, (until a hurricane hits and you find yourself stuck in your apartment with no food, no elevator, 20 flights of stairs and  having to relieve  yourself in the hallways because the plumbing and electricity is out like New Yorkers did after Super-storm Sandy) but although they mostly seem to be expecting the wrong outcome, they know something is up. My local and state government has advertising on buses urging people to take note of where the local emergency shelters are and get first aid training-- sensible things but do you recall ever seeing something like this when you were a kid?

The financial house of cards is looking pretty shaky and I doubt that the results of the presidential election will change a thing. If you owe a hundred dollars and only have thirty, you have a problem. That's the situation for our country on a mind boggling scale. And have you noticed that every week the media gives us some new shiny object for us to be mesmerized by? Too many people are distracted by Bruce Jenner or ogling some strumpet's nakedness on Instagram or babbling about the latest fake rape story at a  prominent college and are missing the important stuff. But look, Christ is there. In the midst of the ruins, Christ is there. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio won't save us and Hilary is no prize pony either. Only Christ, and only a massive wave of reparation to Him is the answer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A vow

In this painting a mother has come with her child and makes a vow to Our Lady in thanks for the child's recovery from some illness.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

How can you refuse Him Now?

How can you refuse Him now, how can you refuse Him now
How can you turn away from His side
With tears in His eyes, on the cross there He died
How can you refuse Jesus now....