Saturday, December 20, 2014

Five things Catholics should never say and other random thoughts

  • My uncle in the nursing home needed a endoscopy and colonoscopy and since the staff at the hospital were completely apprised of his dementia they were ready for him. The procedure went well, and the hardest part was getting the prep formula into him the day before. He has diverticulitis but no polyps. Thank God.

  • Deborah Lipsky used to be a Satanist. You can't get any hard core than that but our merciful God  brought her back from the gates of Hell. She wrote a book about her hideous experiences called, A Message of Hope: Confessions of an Ex-Satanist.: How to Protect Yourself from Evil. It's not St. Augustine's Confessions by any means but it's clear and simple   One thing that has caught the attention of multiple bloggers, an exorcist included is a list of five things you really should not be saying if you want to call yourself Catholic.   

  • After reading Miss Lipsky's list I was reminded of something I heard one of the most fearless priests I've ever encountered bluntly stated about Hollywood. Most of what it produces is filthy because a surprising number of the celebrities we idolize have made a deal with the Devil for that fame.
  • My firm's Christmas/Hannukah/Winter Fest/Whatever, Free Food and Booze party was last night. It was so bad I left as soon as I ate my pasta. Only a handful of support staff attended, three secretaries, two members of the IT department, one staff attorney and one paralegal and me.  There is a vast unhappiness and uncertainty at the firm right now.  The jollity was no where near what it was like in years gone by. The leadership says everything is fine but it sure doesn't seem like it. At my husband's job they skipped the party altogether and just gave out gift cards. I think I would've preferred that. 

  • I think the Holy Father is, like all of us, a product of the times he grew up in. Look at Argentina for the last 50 years and it's not a lovely painting by any means. 

  • Rocky is going to be ushering for the Christmas vigil Mass. It was wild last year, due to the large number people who completely forgot their manners to man and their reverence to God. Not all these people were C&E Catholics either.
  •  This Video Sancto sermon is so good I stayed up past eleven to listen to it. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Thy almight Word leapt down from heaven....

For while all things were in quiet silence, and the night was in the midst of her course,  Thy almighty word leapt down from heaven from thy royal throne, as a fierce conqueror into the midst of the land of destruction.
The Book of Wisdom, Chapter 18, verse 11

Monday, December 15, 2014

St. Gilbert?

I'm so late on this but last year a priest was assigned to begin investigating if a cause for G.K. Chesterton's canonization should be opened. Some people are overjoyed, others are not. I read one essay by Stephen Drummel a few weeks ago that said Chesterton was too fat (well gee Sherlock, we never noticed), smoked cigars and drank his wine from a tumbler instead of a proper wine glass and that  he got crabby if anyone interfered with him while he was trying to chow down. He also was messy. Mr. Drummel doesn't come out and call Chesterton a drunken slob but he gets darn close to that.  In response to the essay a Dale Ahlquist, the premier US based G.K. Chesterton expert, wrote  that sure Gilbert was a big man but so was St. John XXIII (Pope Pius XI and St. Gertrude the Great were not fly weights either) and for what it's worth,  Pope St. Pius X dipped snuff and  St. Damian smoked and that  passionately liking wine doesn't make one a confirmed drunkard.

Is Drummel rough but absolutely right or is  Ahlquist correct? I don't know but several other sources throughout the decades have pointed out--- and this, I think will be the real deal breaker-- that although Chesterton was a Zionist for a time, it was only because he distrusted Jews and wanted them out of England and Europe. Later in his life he concluded that immigration to Palestine wouldn't work because of the Arabs who were already there and suggested that a carving a country out of territory in Africa might be the answer.  Chesterton's fans are hopeful that one day he'll be canonized but I wouldn't bet any money on it.

Friday, December 12, 2014

God's will is not necessarily fun or what we might want at the time

I was reading Ann Barnhardt's blog last night and the following passage resonated so strongly with me that I printed out the last line and stuck it on my wall at work.

A quick word to the priest readers, if I may. I hear CONSTANTLY as an excuse for “laying low” and “keeping one’s head down”the following:  

“If I rock the boat, I will get exiled and shipped off to Darkest Outer Nowhere.” 

Um, yeah.  Has it ever occurred to you that there are HUMAN SOULS in Darkest Outer Nowhere who
 a.) Our Lord created the universe for so that those human souls, as individuals, might exist, be saved, and be happy with Him forever in heaven, and that He would suffer the entirety of His Passion repeatedly for those people, as individuals, who just happen to live in Darkest Outer Nowhere?  Has it occurred to you that maybe one little old lady in Darkest Outer Nowhere has been begging Our Lord for the last 45 years to send a good and holy priest who will Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Traditional Rite, and that maybe that priest, chosen to answer those prayers, is YOU? 

And b.) that the efficacy of your offering of the Holy Sacrifice is not tied to the worldly attractiveness of the culture you currently reside in and are so afraid to be exiled from?  Or that the efficacy of the Holy Sacrifice is not a function of how many lay people are in attendance?
Take it from me, just because something feels unpleasant to YOU does not mean that it is, by definition, bad, or not God’s will.  Sometimes it is precisely what feels awful to US that is what is best for EVERYONE ELSE.  Has that ever occurred to you?  Probably not.  Let me say it again:

Sometimes that which feels awful to us as individuals is what is best for EVERYONE ELSE, and is God’s will.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our Lady of the Cave

Mass was pretty rough on Monday

Rocky and I couldn't make it to our parish so we went to Mass at another local parish. It's a dainty little church, the priest is a nice man, the people are friendly and sincere. I like them so I won't say the name of the place. It was like I fell into a time machine and stepped out in 1976. Afterwards I said to Rocky that  the whole experience, except for Father's excellent and utterly orthodox homily, was like being a little kid again. There was ad-libbing, with the rubrics and a mild lack of cantor control. Rocky was bemused by the loud running commentary by young couple explaining the Mass to their  very cute and talented and not completely potty trained (he announced "I peed! I peed!," sometime around the Our Father), tot. It was sweet but LOUD. Oh well. It was pretty rough but considering our schedule and the horrible evening traffic that night I am thankful we were able to get Mass.