Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Random thoughts....the sedevaticantists again

  • I came across another sedevaticantist last month. I see the appeal of this concept--that DOES NOT mean that I approve but think I see where it comes from--- but it's a cop-out. Some people can't bear what's going on in the Church today so they back away completely and say that we don't have a pope at all.  It's like looking out your window and seeing there is an intruder at the door. Some of us see him and reach for the phone to call the cops, go hide in the safest room in the house and load our gun. The sedevaticantist says, "No, no, no this can't be. I live in a nice neighborhood. There is no-one at the door." If anyone is tempted towards this line of thinking I implore you not to. We have a lousy situation in our Church but we can't freak out and fall into fantasy, no matter how comforting it might be.

  • Homosexuals are only 1, maybe 2% of the population but their wishes dominate our society. We've been completely manipulated and threatened with social ruin if we don't go along. We are being herded like sheep into a pen. Who is running this particular social machine, really and what is their purpose anything other than control?

  • My uncle's doctors removed his tracheotomy tube. He's now sitting up and trying to talk. Thank God!

  •  Pat Archbold of the Creative Minority Blog finally got fired from National Catholic Register.  He is a family man and probably needed the money so this is sad but hopefully he'll find a way to make up the financial loss. Frankly, his writings were the only reason I even bothered with NCR and I don't think I'm the only one.

  • Ever single year we go through the same crap during Holy Week : someone puts on a blasphemous movie or hour long special and we get the sly, "Hey Judas was misunderstood", swill. You'd think these people would get tired of it but I guess their master spurs them on. 

Holy Tuesday

From the Manger to the Cross

One of the earliest life of Our Lord movies.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A tale of two Franciscans

We really need to pray more for our priests. They are under constant attack and when one falls into sin or merely acts a fool in public, the Devil and his minions rejoice because of the stain on the priest's soul and dignity and because people see this and lose their Faith. 

Looking back on Fr. Francis Mary of EWTN I remember that in the weeks before he left the priesthood he seemed unlike himself. He sounded and looked as grouchy as a teenager who is missing his absent girlfriend. When indeed, he left for the sake of a woman, I thought it unlikely that they would live happily ever after and according to this report, that is exactly the case. What a tragedy.

Fr. Michael Laloux, bless his heart probably watched Brother Sun and Sister Moon, one too many times  but how many people sat in those pews or will watch this performance and cringe so hard that they lose respect for the priesthood? 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

This is Satanic

This book was simply belched out of Hell. There is nothing else to say.