Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Saturday, June 27, 2020

random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon.

  • The DC diocese will reopen this weekend. Parishioners may not use the restroom before or during Mass and you have to leave right after.  Most adults should be able to hold themselves for an hour but what about those who have various medical issues? Men of a certain age tend to urinate a lot more than they did in their youth. A few weeks ago we read that if people really need to go they can ask the ushers and then a team will assemble to sanitize the restroom after they leave. That has apparently been dropped. I suspect many people responded that they didn't want to humiliate themselves by having to beg for a restroom and didn't want to open the restroom door to find a grim group at the door waiting for Typhoid Mary to leave. 

  • Things aren't looking too good for our country. The mystic Therese Neuman predicted that America would not be conquered from the outside but would fall from the inside. It doesn't matter that the majority just want to get back to normal and that this current unpleasantness will pass. It only takes a devoted or fanatical ten percent to move a nation. The rest of us will just go along with it. As for the bad times passing I will point out that Communism lasted for 70 plus years in Russia. Everyone who said "This will pass," in 1917 died waiting. It hasn't passed in Cuba and it hasn't passed in China.  

  • Monsignor Rossi is not going anywhere. I won't be donating to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception anymore. 

  • After being my Uncle Sonny Boy's guardian until his death my opinion of nursing home staff is very low. After watching videos of nurses and doctors wriggling and gyrating my trust level is shot. Atrocities like this one keep happening and I don't think we will see anybody going to prison. 

  • A friend from work told me a horrible story. She was in a departmental Zoom meeting when her manager steered the conversation away from work to talking about the riots and BLM. Each person in the meeting was "encouraged" to "speak out". My friend was upset and being put on the spot. This was akin to your manager demanding to know how you vote or what your religion is. 

  • I think the country never should have locked down. It was not worth the damage to our economy or to the nation's mental health. People have lost their jobs. If you're over 50, you are going to have a hard time getting a new job that was as good as what you had. Some folks probably aren't going to work full time in their fields ever again. People  have committed suicide. Depression and madness has skyrocketed. Ten years from now people are still going to struggling from the mental fall out. 

  • My Jesus, mercy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

If you've ever mocked a friend or relative who was afraid to go to the hospital during the lock down it's past time to apologize

"It turned out that I was having a coronary, thus the breathlessness. I had to sit in the emergency room until they tested me for the Wuflu. Two hours later they came back and said I was negative, which I already knew. I sat there for 24 hours until they found me a room." 

I just read a comment on Non Veni Pacem  from a woman who had a horrifying experience in the ER and I don't blame anybody who is scared to go to a hospital in these terrible days. You will be alone with no family member to fight for you. The staff will immediately focus on Corona and it will be hours before your actual needs are addressed unless you present in the ER with blood loss or have an ambulance crew to vouch for you. How many people have died over this? We will never know. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

I have not forgotten

Ann Barnhardt calls out the Trad Inc. folks who went crazy back in March calling anybody who wanted to go to Mass a granny killer*, stupid or pious show-offs and now have the nerve like they never thought Corona was a big deal. Miss Barnhardt names no names but I'm thinking about two specific people who got very nasty to anyone who didn't think the Corona virus was akin to the plague. One of them was snappish as a rabid animal at the very idea of people wanting to go outside and even more furious that they dared to express a longing to return to church. This individual was so over the top with hysteria I was almost alarmed. 

*Turns out the grandparent killers were the governors who forced Corona patients into nursing homes

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

As it turned out, the virus wasn't the worst thing by a long shot

Still not ready to jump on the Pell bandwagon

Back in 2017  and  in 2019, I wrote about Cardinal Pell, the accusations against him and obliquely, one of his defenders. I believe he was innocent of what he was wrongly convicted of but it does not follow that he's a saint or a traditionalist or that he acted appropriately when the stories of child sexual abuse in his diocese reached his desk. We also have to realize that there has been talk about Cardinal Pell for years. It may be all filthy Freemasonic lies,  and Australia may be a horrible place, but please don't act like this has all just popped up overnight. There are men and families who were and remain broken-hearted. Boys were used for sex. People lost their Faith. It went on for decades. Cardinal Pell says he knew nothing about it. I'm glad hes's out of prison but please, don't be ridiculous by comparing him to Cardinal Mindszenty or Fr. Ciszek or the Apostle Paul in prison.

Oh Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.  Arise Oh Lord, and let Thy enemies be scattered. Let them that hate Thee, flee before Thy holy face.

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

a word from St. Jean Vianney

Yes, my friends, as the life, so the death. Do not hope for a miracle, which God vouchsafes but seldom. If you live in sin, you will die in sin. Many examples prove to us that after an evil life, we cannot expect a happy death. Vianney, St. Jean Marie. Sermons of the Curé of Ars