Sunday, December 11, 2005

silly Christians

Some of my fellow Christians embarrass me. They whine and complain that there is nothing to watch at the theater and when a movie like Narnia comes along they whine and complain that it's not Christian enough. Look people. Disney-- gay loving, fart joke making, kill daddy before the first reel --- Disney made this movie. You're lucky that Aslan is still in it and doesn't sing or dance. Go to the movie or don't but I can gaurantee that if Narnia doesn't a blockbuster (AndI don't think it will. It doesn't seem to be a "must see" like the LOTR movies were. When the trailers for the Star Wars movies hit the theaters people cheered. People cheered for the LOTR trailers. The LWW trailer was met by silence at the theaters I went to) Hollywood will take it as a sign that Christians just want to complain and will never show up with cash.

As for me and mine. We won't see Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe because it just doesn't interest us. I loved the book and wept when Aslan died, and cheered when he rose from the dead but the BBC version and the really very good cartoon versions were enough for me.

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