Thursday, October 12, 2006

random thoughts for a thursday night

  • Apparently Rod Dreher has left the Church and has converted to the Orthodox faith. I don't know how old Dreher is but he seems young enough to still believe that there must be a church made up of perfect members. I suspect he'll soon start writing disallusioned diatribes about all the unexpected sinners he'll find among the Orthodox. Sad.

  • It's being whispered that the Holy Father is going to issue a universal indult for the celebration of the Tridentine Mass. I refuse to get excited. I'll believe it when I see Raymond Arroyo report it the EWTN news.

  • I've been toying with the idea of asking Fr. Theoden (no that's not his real name) about starting a rosary prayer groupat my parish. What time I'd actually have to devote to it is another question but lately the urge to do more at church has been nagging at me.


Angry Orthodox said...

Darling, he'll find many sinners amongst us Orthodox. But he'll also find many things here that you wont find in most Catholic parishes, and vice versa. As long as he isn't the kind of convert who tries to bring in the very stuff that made him leave the RC, he'll do well.

Robin said...

I don't always agree with Rod, but I felt really sorry for him when I read his testimony. I can't say I wouldn't be tempted to do the same thing if I were in his shoes - not based on the lousy liturgy, but on the abuse and cover-up.

Remember, he saw all that very close-up. I came back to the church 4 years ago (going on five) and have been appalled at the extent of the corruption in the Catholic Church. And I live in a relatively "good" diocese.

Thus far, I haven't lost my faith because I have been able to keep my eye on Jesus rather than on individual priests and bishops. But I don't know what I would do if I were exposed to the evil to the extent that Rod was.

Someone on someone else's blog commented that Rod's conversion is an example of why it is a grave sin to give scandal. I agree wholeheartedly. Something about "millstones" and "bad shepherds" . . .