Friday, March 23, 2007

Fr What-a-Waste and other thoughts

  • This phrase has irritated me for years. When a woman refers to a priest that way she's saying that the only men who should serve God are the ones who are uglier than a fatherlesss billy goat and/or so socially inept that no woman would want them.

  • Here's a lovley new blog written by a young fellow who's on his way to the Missionaries of the Eternal Word.

  • I suspect that the whole Iraq thing is hopeless. This is a country that has a 40% literacy and where most marriages are between cousins. Cousin marriage leads to idiots and tribalism, two things that you really need to lose if you want a democracy.

  • I dearly love John Paul II but let's not declare him a saint just yet. We have time and it's no offense to our late Papa if a slow, thourough investigation is done. Remember even the remarkable St. Therese had to wait twenty some years after her death to be cannonized. St. Maria Gorretti's then teenaged murderer was an old man by the time Pope Pius cannonized her. There is no need to rush.

  • Fr. Fessio got fired. I haven't followed the whole Ave Maria thing so I'm now I'm curious. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?


elena maria vidal said...

I think Fr Fessio's firing is bad. He was trying to follow the rubrics of the Mass and be traditional. He objected to some of the more far out stuff. I guess that is what happened.

M. Alexander said...

Fr. Fessio has been reinstated. Yeah! I have a lot of respect for his production Catholic World News and Ignatius Press.

I'd say if he was fired he is definitely doing something right ;)

Ever since seeing the plans for the chapel in Naples, FL- the ecclesial hot house- I've wondered about Tom Monaghan.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"This is a country [Iraq] that has a 40% literacy"

Not a problem per se.

If it were, the good old Middle Ages, or Spain up to Civil War, or Russia up to Lenin would have been really bad places.

"and where most marriages are between cousins."

That is a problem, especially if Christians are concerned.

Church law forbids it.

"Cousin marriage leads to idiots and tribalism, two things that you really need to lose if you want a democracy."

Idiots in the full sense are what is now called Down's syndrome. They more usually come from women getting babies late than from cousins marrying.

Cousins marrying may lead to genetic defects present in their common ancestor surfacing because reinforced by children getting the defect from both parents.

This is more often concerned with bodily than with mental capacities, though some non-Down's genetic conditions may also give rise to mental defects.

The talk about losing idiots is an echo from the kind of Protestant South which once upon a very bad and evil time not so long ago sterilised people (as did the Protestant North of Canada and Europe about same time).

Tribalism, granted, that was main point in saying first cousins are too close, friendships through marital alignments need to cross over larger parts of society and so Church allows marriages between Fourth Degree Cousins of earlier even Seventh Degree Cousins only.

During OT, however, First Cousins marrying was licit.