Sunday, May 27, 2007

The church in need

Last night Rocky and I watched a program on EWTN. It was about the Catholic Church in Ukraine. I was moved to tears by these people's courage. When the Soviets destroyed their churches they simply hid their priests in their own homes and sneaked them from house to house to say Mass each Sunday. Imagine getting up and in the middle of the night and quietly walking miles to slip into someone's back door so you can secretly meet with the priest for confession.

We Catholics in the West are so blessed and we don't even appreciate it. I was also impressed by their vocation surge. They showed a convent and a monastery that are literally overflowing with applicants-- all young and and all filled with incredible spirit. There's a lesson in that for us Western Catholics. The next time their is a collection for the The Church in Need please give what you can. It goes to helping these people build churches, bookstores, schools, convents and monasteries.

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