Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why they hate Sarah Palin

I was watching Governor Sarah Palin and felt a bit wistful. She's close to my age. If it weren't for my infertility problems I might have a big boy of Track's age now or a girl the age of Bristol or Willow. If my pregnancy last year hadn't been ectopic I would have a boy close to Trig's age.

When the feminists look at Sarah they are stung becuase she is living proof of the lies they've been espousing. You can have a real man for a husband, you can have children and still make --- if you are fit for it, and a lot of us aren't--- a serious career. Their own mutinous hearts whisper, "Where is my man, where is my child?, "

As Bette Davis said in All About Eve, they are "Just something with a book of clippings, an office full of French provincial furniture, but not a woman," and they know it. How it must gall them and terrify them. That's why they hate Sarah.


Simplex Vir said...

I know I am a man, but dog gone it Dymphna, you said it girlfriend!


You are absolutely correct. They venom directed at her is amazing. If she were a Democrat, the WaPo and every major media outlet would be beating the drum about it day and night. And yet, they are silent. Just look at Charlie Rangel.

Charlotte said...

Well said! Bette Davis quote perfect!