Saturday, November 01, 2008

all souls day vigil

Mass at St. Rita's was awesome tonight. Fr. Gollum's homily was so good I wish that I had a photgraphic memory and could type it word for word. He is a brilliant young man. We are so lucky to have such a fine mind at our parish. The music was the best I've ever heard it. I must send the church musician a thank you note. And the singers did Dies Irae. You can read about Dies Irae here.

This had to be one of the most sublime and precious masses I've ever attended.

Eternal rest grant unto:

Cleveland, Mamie and Mac, Farr and Minerva, Glenn and Elvira, Caroline, Farr, Taylor, John, Net, Sophie, Marie, Bett, Joe, Mary, Daisy, Junior, Bertha and Yancey, Will and Viola and all Rocky and my beloved dead.

John Mary Thomas, pray for us.


Catherine Lucia said...

I was there too! Wow it really was fantastic, wasn't it? I had goen thinking it was going to be All Saints but of course, I really just love any Mass so I was intrigued to see what they would do. It was fabulous.

Catherine Lucia said...

Fr. Gollum? Come on now, what is that? :-)

Dymphna said...

Well, my first nickname for him was Fr. Frodo but Rocky thinks his eyes are the same shade as Gollum so the name stuck. It's meant with affection.

Catherine Lucia said...

But of course. I actually think of him as 'Girolamo' because I have been reading a lot about Girolamo Savonarola and he sounds lot like him!! Which is an excellent thing in my book! :-)