Sunday, March 15, 2009

so how's your Lent going?

I decided to only read religious works during Lent. So far I've been delighted with This is the Faith, by Fr.Rippey, The 33 Doctors of the Church, and now I'm reading Imitation of Mary by Thomas a Kempis and How Christ Said the First Mass by Fr. Meagher. Fr. Meagher mentions off hand that Jesus was a Nazarite. I hadn't heard that before. Some people claim that He was an Essene. Perhaps I'll ask Fr. Theoden or Fr. Gollum.

I saw on the Deacon's Bench blog, that Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress made a TV appearance. She wrote on her blog that she feared she was too fat but I think she looks great. She's very cozy and cuddly like a mama should look. And if you read her blog you already know that she's smart as all get out so I was interested in hearing what she had to say.

At Mass last night Fr. and I had a small mishap with the Host. He overestimated the distance between us and I found myself choking. Being me, as I walked back to my pew I wondered if this was a sign. Was the Lord displeased? Did I need to go to confession? I prayed and when I was calm I was able to discretely dislodge the Host from where It was stuck in my throat and swallowed. I felt a bit silly----some of the most offbeat things happen to me---, and relieved and very thankful. I've had my fill of passing out in public.


Anita Moore said...

May I also recommend the three-volume set Radio Replies, by Frs. Leslie Rumble, MSH and Charles Carty. These priests had radio shows from Sydney, Australia and Minneapolis, MN, respectively, during the 1930s where they took written questions from listeners and answered them on the air. It's amazing how rude and obnoxious many of the questions were! But the answers are first-class specimens of learning, wit, style, panache, straightforwardness and solid Catholic teaching.

And in addition to being excellent apologetics, they're also extremely absorbing. Sit down with one volume, open it anywhere, and the next thing you know, two or three hours have passed.

Anita Moore said...

P.S. You can get Radio Replies on TAN Books' website.