Friday, January 14, 2011


Pope John Paul II will be beatified this year on the feast of the Divine Mercy. I'm not sure this is a good idea. Before anybody gets mad, let me try to explain. I don't doubt JPII's personal holiness but five years is too soon to beatify anybody but a martyr and St. Margaret Clitherow, who did die a hideous death for the Faith in 1586 had to wait until 1970 to be cannonized. St. Therese waited 20 years I think, and St. Thomas Moore waited for hundreds of years. St. Joan of Arc was burnt in 1431. She was only officially beatified in 1909! St. Pio and St. Andre Bessette, with hundreds of known miracles in their lifetimes and afterwards waited decades for their recent cannonizations.

The Church traditionally waited, prudently for emotions to die down and for uncritical fans or hate blinded critics to cool off or die off. The Church also had the position of the devil's advocate -- a man whose job it was to look for anything that would prove that a person was not a saint. This method served the Church well.

I'm not knocking John Paul, I loved him. A photo of him has been in my bedroom since I was a child but I think this is all too soon.

Mary, Virgo Prudentissima, who John Paul II loved and was loved by, pray for us.


Old Bob said...

Good comment, Dymphna, and thanks! We have to learn to think in terms of centuries.

scotju said...

I'm a little bit leary of this rush to beatification too. During his lifetime PJPII was criticized for running a saint factory. PBXVI has slowed down the process quite a bit, but the rush to beatify and canonize ought to take longer. To do it too fast might cause trouble. The quick canonization of the founder of Opus Dei aroused quite a bit of negative emotions. So, let's slow down the process a bit, and bring back the devil's advocate to insure the process will check out all the facts abot a candidate and not be subject to an emotional appeal from the people.

Angela Messenger said...

I don't understand the rush either but it pleases me enormously that the beatificaton will be on Divine Mercy Sunday.

Joseph Therese said...

I agree w your comments. I think the same

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

The miracle from back then was partially reversed.

The other miracle was not sudden.

Indication he came to Purgatory rather than Heaven (saints could make real miracles, both sudden and complete/unreversed) and also Purgatory rather than Hell (damned souls can hardly work miracles - though one could doubt the intercession was his, of course).

With the other non-canonisable's canonisation or supposed such, I never heard what Roncalli's first miracle was for beatification, and I heard second miracle was wavered due to Bergoglio taking Vatican II as equivalent.