Saturday, March 31, 2012

random thoughts while fighting off a sinus attack

  • Fr. Chad Ripperger  has given an interesting homily on problems in the Traditionalist movement .  I didn't agree with everything he said and I wish that someone would boost the spirits of traditionally minded people once in while. Even constructive criticism can wear people down if that's all they get.
  • For the first time in my life I don't feel good about my country's future.

  • Rocky and I went to St. Alphonsus in Baltimore. It's so gorgeous it will make your mouth fall open and is far more impressive than the cathedral. I got to go to confession with Mnsgr. Bastress-- a very kind man-- and Rocky was able to get a blessing for his knee after Mass. If the parish office is open you may also visit the room that St. John Neuman lived in while he was pastor at St. Alphonsus. When I stepped inside I was immediately touched. It's such a tiny room. The church gift shop is one of the best I've ever seen and you can get books I've never come across before as well as veil,s statues (we bought a very cute Infant of Prauge)  and big quart bottles of Lourdes water. And the people are nice.

    Later we went to Little Italy for lunch and visited the Inner Harbor and stopped by the Divine Mercy shrine at Holy Rosary Church. The little Polish ladies are absoltute dolls. We just loved them.
  • Maryland's abortion rate is 50% higher than the national average. The diocese is asking for 100,000 rosaries for the unborn. Please join them. Although I'd never leave Virginia I have soft spot for Maryland becuase of it' s the birthplace of Catholicism in English speaking America and because Rocky and I were married in that state. What happened to Our Lady's land? How did it get so twisted?

  • After Ted Kennedy's funeral a friend of mine sighed and said "Teddy could've driven drunk into a bus load of of nuns and orphans in Boston and he still would've gotten off." All I could say was "you're right." One of these days people are going to get over the Kennedy worship. Until then, thank you Bishop McManus.
  •   Watch your daughters. Even if you live a "nice" neighborhood pay attention to whom your daughter is associating with. Even if you don't allow her to date until she's 18 pay attention. The Underground Crips gang was running a huge pimping operation right here in my own town. The range was near my church and included areas where I've shopped and where friends live.


Joe Potillor said...

Prayers that you will feel better soon...I fully agree, constructive criticism can be very draining if it's all that one hears.

I'm quite afraid of what direction the country seems to be going in. Things do not look good, I pray for God's mercy on us, and deliverance

Adrienne said...

Fr.Ripperger's previous parish (St. Joan of Arc in Coeur d' Alene) was comprised almost totally of sedevacantists from St. Michael's in Spokane and SSPX'ers from Immaculate Conception in Post Falls.

It was an extremely difficult group with a very long history of problems and he had to maintain a rather heavy hand. Perhaps he just hasn't calmed down yet.

Lola said...

I hope you feel better soon. This helps me out:
Take a washcloth douse it with Eucalyptus/TeaTree oil place it on the floor of the shower or tub and turn on the HOT shower tap. Breath deep.

Have I told you how much I love your Random Thoughts?

Well I do!

Now St. Alphonsus and the Divine Mercy Shrine is on my "Bucket List".

I think it is precicley because Maryland was named for Our Lady that the abortion rate is so high there. The devil always turns up the heat or tries to when it comes to Our Blessed Mother.

And I know Jesus will be comming soon if my Parents Evah quit worshiping the Kennedys.