Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Basso Profundos for Christmas

Ann Barnhardt mentioned on her site that Nat King Cole's voice always reminded her of what she imagines God's voice must sound like. Well Nat's voice is angelic and I love him, but when I was child I envisioned God as sounding like Cecil B. DeMille. Now, in my head God sounds like a basso profundo. It's the deepest vocal range and the first time I ever heard one singing I sat up said, "Hot diggity!" It gave me chills becaus it was so incredible.

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Lola said...

I about fell over when I heard this! WOW!

I think you are onto something.

I think Ms. Barnhardt is recognizing the soft, confident, comforting and perfect tone of Mr. Cole.

I remember when they were making "Price of Egypt" people said James Earl Jones should be the voice of God. The staff decided no.

They combined multiple people's voices, men and women to create God's voice.