Saturday, April 20, 2013

random thoughts

*Isn't it telling that none of the groups that claim to care so much about poor women apparently gave a hoot about what was going on at the Gosnell abortuary? He treated his black patients with contempt, ran a highly unsanitary operation and had high school aged "interns" helping with the abortions.   There's an old saying: Everybody pees in the pool but not from the diving board. Gosnell was up on the diving board, doing his business for years. Surely somebody complained and yet no governmental authority intervened.

*This week Rocky and I saw two wonderful things: There was a wedding right before the Thursday night TLM at our parish. It was just the bride, groom, their child and her parents. They looked so happy. The second cool thing, was the sight of a young man sprinting through the church parking lot to get to Mass. He was moving all out like a stag and when we got in and sat down we saw that he was the sacristan.

*I can't believe it. Cardinal Wuerl is actually standing up for one of his priests.

*Unless it's for evangelizing, like what Archbishop Sheen did or a gentle passing along of the events in their parishes, I'm beginning to wonder if priests should blog regularly.

*So the Boston bombers are Chechens. This is bad, bad, very bad. I thought their beef was with Russia.

*You know why certain bishops don't like bloggers? It's for the same reason that coyotes, foxes  and raccoons don't like dogs.

*April has been an unhappy month. My father's death anniversary is April 15th. His youngest sister is recovering slowly from the effects of her botched colonoscopy and two other aunts have died, one on Thursday. Lord have mercy. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.


Deo volente said...

I am sorry to hear of the deaths in your family, Dymphna! This past winter was a trying one for my family as we lost several senior members. For some reason, the "Requiem" has always sounded better to me in the Latin. Perhaps it was all those funerals I served as a youngster...

V.: Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine.
R.: Et lux perpetua luceat ei.
V.: Requiescat in pace.
R.: Amen.
V.: Anima ejus et animae omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordiam Dei requiescant in pace.
R.: Amen.


Dymphna said...

Thankyou Deo!

Lola said...

Prayers for your family. You have my sympathy.

I hope your aunt is fully recovered soon.

Old Bob said...

My sympathy and prayers are with you, Dymphna.

susan said...

"So the Boston bombers are Chechens. This is bad, bad, very bad. I thought their beef was with Russia."

They are muslims who follow the koran and the teachings and life of muhammed. Their beef is with everyone, and they will kill and maim until everyone different from them is dead or a dhimmi. At that point they will turn on and destroy each other. That 'religion' is satanic in origin, and its fruits are fetid and vile. We are seeing them ripening.