Monday, September 23, 2013

This made me take a deep breath.

“As Leviathan’s lions begin to roar, the nominal Catholics will skip out of the arena. Roman Catholicism has become for baptized pagans a neuralgic kind of Cute Catholicism, with leprechauns, mariachi bands and Santa Claus instead of confession, prayer and fidelity to doctrine. But behind each leprechaun St. Patrick stares, and behind every mariachi band Our Lady of Guadalupe weeps, and behind every Santa Claus Christ himself judges.”
                                                      Fr. George Rutler.


Lola said...

'Baptised pagans'. Ouch!

I think Ann Barnhardts recent comments on the great lack of penance hails to Fr Rutler's comments.

Lynne said...

and Father Rutler was moved to another church (and the TLM was discontinued at his previous church).

Joe Potillor said...

God bless him!