Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dear beloved and esteemed priests, if you are determined to wash any women's feet at least keep your lips to yourself.

 In no gospel does it mention Our Lord kissing the feet of the apostles. The gospels do not state that He kissed any female feet either. That's all I'm going to say. I'm so disgusted that's all I can say.


Kneeling Catholic said...


I got into a little discussion on this very thing here......

....I was thinking that perhaps I was just being prudish, but then Bishop Athanasius Schneider also commented that it was simply indecent for men to be washing and kissing women's feet.

My comment on 'Abbey Roads' follows....

Good afternoon,Terry!

Let me chime in on behalf of the traddies....

I anticipate there will be no end of commentaries with regards this move.

I for one do not like it because washing and kissing women's feet is a very intimate act, no? What place does such a sensual act have in our worship? There have been cults in the past--don't know about the present-- where worship and public sex acts were the order of the day. The OT Jews broke that tradition and I would hope we follow them in that respect.

My second point has to do with something the Holy Father remarked about near the beginning of his pontificate....i.e. that he didn't want to 'clericalize the laity'.
His meaning, as usual, is unclear. But I really thought he was referring to all the faux priests and priestesses running in and out of sanctuaries and basically not acting like laity and perhaps thinking that such churchy behavior was a substitute for true acts of Christian charity be they corporal or spiritual. This latest regulation disproves my hopeful interpretation of what he meant. Apparently His Holiness wants to move into more churchiness for the laity and not the other way around.

I'm sure many will protest on other grounds, e.g. whether it's a pope's job to be changing things, as opposed to guarding things.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Does that include licking them?

Donna said...

That photo makes me very uncomfortable. In fact, it brings back the painful memory of my aunt's white-haired husband molesting me when I was a teenager. I agree with the bishop; it's indecent.