Saturday, August 26, 2017

Well that was utterly distasteful

What makes quislings act the way they do? Is it fear? Is it genuine approval of the overlord? Is it self interest mixed with hopelessness that moves them to sell out everything and everyone to postpone the day, hopefully forever until the overlord finally comes for them? Perhaps they were just wretches all along and  simply go where the wind takes them and at heart have no real beliefs beyond their appetites. All this came to mind when I read this distasteful article from National Catholic Reporter.

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Steve Dalton said...

I thougt when the NCR got rid of Shea and Fisher, things would improve over there. I quess I was wrong. They brought in this flake and Dave Armstrong to be commentators. However, most of the people commenting about the article have more sense than the author. The NCR needs to be more careful in vetting its writers in the future.