Saturday, October 14, 2017

A question

Apparently a lot of people were hoping for a disaster yesterday and are disappointed. 

To those people I simply ask this question:Were not the Spanish Civil War, Red China, WWII, the Soviets conquering half of Europe, and the explosion of open immorality, the terrible loss of Faith of millions of Catholics and all of the wretched isms not enough of a chastisement for you?  


Anita Moore said...

Were people hoping for a disaster yesterday? I myself was hoping for a dramatic and unmistakable shift in the right direction at all levels of the Church.

Michael Dowd said...

Pope Francis himself is a disaster in progress for the Church. Do we really want something worse?

Mark Docherty said...

Not hoping, but expectant. Not necessarily for a disaster, but for something. Don't you feel it?

Kathleen1031 said...

Yes, I feel it. Actually, that feeling has been around for about ten years. It's much heightened in the last year.
I'm hoping for something wonderful, perhaps an apparition of Our Lady to the muslims. Why I should look for anything wonderful, I don't know, it would probably be the opposite.
It's hard to imagine anything happening in Rome that would surprise us at this point. What should one expect when the pope is an apostate.

Liam Ronan said...

Around four o’clock in the afternoon on January 3rd 1944, in the convent chapel of Tuy, in front of the Tabernacle, Our Lady urged Sister Lucia to write the text of the Third Secret and Sister Lucia recounts:

“I felt my spirit inundated by a mystery of light that is God and in Him I saw and heard the point of a lance like a flame that is detached touch the axis of the earth and it trembles: mountains, cities, towns and villages with their inhabitants are buried.

The sea, the rivers and clouds exceed their boundaries, inundating and dragging with them in a vortex, houses and people in a number that cannot be counted; it is the purification of the world from the sin in which it is immersed. Hatred, ambition, provoke the destructive war.

After I felt my heart racing and in my spirit a soft voice that said: ‘In time, one faith, one baptism, one Church, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic. In eternity, Heaven!’

This word ‘Heaven’ filled my heart with peace and happiness in such a way that, almost without being aware of it, I kept repeating to myself for a long time: Heaven, Heaven!!”[23].

Fr. VF said...

Why can't God chastise the Church with a GOOD pope?

Liam Ronan said...

Proverbs 3:12 "For whom the Lord loveth, he chastiseth: and as a father in the son he pleaseth himself. ...."

Hebrews 12:6 "For whom the Lord loveth, he chastiseth; and he scourgeth every son whom he receiveth...."

Revelation 3:19 "Such as I love, I rebuke and chastise. Be zealous therefore, and do penance...."

Why God chastises those He loves is a question as old, if not older, than the Book of Job.

Dymphna said...

I feel it Mark.

cultul said...

At Paray Le Monial, France on June 17, 1689, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque received the communication by our Divine Lord, who requested, among other things, the consecration of France to the Sacred Heart by King Louis XIV (the Sun King). On June 17, 1789, after neither Louis XIV nor his successors had fulfilled our Lord's request, the third estate, at the Tennis Courts, declared itself the National Assembly, and stripped Louis XVI of his powers to govern. On July 14, 1789, the storming of the Bastille occurred. This was the real beginning of the French Revolution, which was the natural outcome of France's abandonment of Christ and the fruit of the Enlightenment philosophy which had taken root and flourished there.

At Rianjo, Spain, in 1931, our Lord appeared to Sr. Lucia Dos Santos, the remaining seer of Fatima, the following message: "Make it known to My ministers that given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command,that they will follow him into misfortune. It will never be too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary."

I am sure you all know this. Note that though the King lost his power to govern on June 17, 1789, the events surrounding the French Revolution, the Terror (late 1792 and subsequent), and the war against the Vendee came some time after the expiration of the hundred years. I am hopeful that God is extending the time of mercy to us so that we have more chances to repent. I have been reflecting on the chaos in the Church, but also on the generous response of many of the faithful who have redoubled their prayers. Let us continue to hope for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of our dear and precious Lady. It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.