Saturday, November 04, 2017

Random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon

  • "SCROOGE is not only as modern as Gradgrind but more modern than Gradgrind. He belongs not only to the hard times of the middle of the nineteenth century, but to the harder times of the beginning of the twentieth century; the yet harder times in which we live. Many amiable sociologists will say, as he said, "Let them die and decrease the surplus population." The improved proposal is that they should die before they are born.

    "It is notable also that Dickens gives the right reply; and that with a deadly directness worthy of a much older and more subtle controversionalist. The answer to anyone who talks about the surplus population is to ask him whether he is the surplus population; or if he is not, how he knows he is not.
     That is the answer which the Spirit of Christmas gives to Scrooge."~G.K. Chesterton: Introduction to A Christmas Carol. (1922)
    Ole G.K. is never going to be canonized in this era because he was fat, openly disliked Jews, and  if he was not a maintenance alcoholic he appears to modern eyes be pretty darn close, but he was right about a lot of stuff. I remembered this when I read that Prince William thinks the world is overpopulated and that is endangering the wildlife. What the prince means is that the world has too many brown and black and low class white people. I like lions but I'd rather have an African child be able to go to the river and play without being eaten by one. If Prince William and his friends would rather see the child dead and the lion in her place they are the enemy.What ugly people our so-called betters are. 

  • Fr. Weinandy got fired. Fr. James Martin is riding high. A relative of mine expressed shock and deep concern about the Church and asked what are we (the Faithful) going to do? I thought about some of the older Catholics that I've met over the years. These people have told of how they used to go miles for a decent Mass or moved out of state. People have gone to Mass in hotel rooms, and funeral home chapels, which to be honest were probably nicer than their old parishes. I read about one group of people who had to go to the (unheated?) cemetery chapel for Mass for years because that was the only place the bishop would allow an indult Mass to be held. I've read stories from people who had and still have to go to Mass in the most crime ridden parts of the city. These people were treated like garbage by Rome and by their fellow Catholics in many ways.

     My generation very foolishly thought that the bad times were over and that JPII and B16 were going to fix everything. Well, a lot of us are going to have to learn how to persevere. 
St. Pius V and St. Charles Borromeo, defenders against Islam and Luther, pray for us. 

  • I seem to have picked up a troll so I'm going to try comment moderation for a bit. 


CatholicPD said...

Dymphna, don't just delete what you don't like. Defend like a man the Catholic faith, if you have it at all.

susan said...

What a fabulous, FABULOUS image....could you print a but of info about it?

And catholicPD....what a stupid, stupid comment and 'challenge'. SHE can do whatever she feels best for herself and her readership. You don't like it...start your own blog, bully.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Actually, Mr. PD does have his own blog. Therefore if he doesn't like what Dymphna writes, he can resort to his own. I too am a blog writer so I respect the rights of other bloggers to manage their pages as they see fit.

CatholicPD said...

The greatest gift that God can give to any human being is the divine Catholic faith without which it is impossible to please God and avoid certain Hell. People who corrupt the Catholic faith will incur the wrath of Almighty God. As the true popes teach, those who fail to defend are as guilty as those who deny.

Dymphna said...

Catholic PD, you don't make any sense and this is the last time I will address you directly.

Anonymous said...

GKC had good reason to dislike the Jews, hint: they're anti-Logos. But we dare not criticize them today or risk being labelled an anti-Semite. Watch some of E. Michael Jones youtubes on the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit to understand why. Churchill was completely in debt to the Jews... Both JPII and BXVI supported the nuMass, so I don't know why Catholics thought they were going to fix anything.

Bailey Walker said...
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Dymphna said...

Thank you, Susan. Giovanni Gasparro is a modern day Italian painter.

Some of his works are incredible. He paints men very well and I love his strong masculine portrayals of the Lord. Some of his paintings are duds but he's still young.