Sunday, October 13, 2019

Church with an Amazonian face? Nuts!

Is this what a church with an Amazonian face means? Are we to imitate people who would have shocked even  the pagan Romans of  2000 years ago? Can you imagine how an Egyptian from 5000 years ago would have reacted to the Amazonian culture that the Vatican is celebrating in the synod? Is walking around naked, covered in dirt, exposed to insects and anything that could wound or cause infection, protected only by feathers and beads and offering one's breast to a hopefully toothless animal what Pope Francis thinks Catholic women all over the world should be doing? If we are to imitate people in such a state then is infanticide, pedophilia, sexual incontinence and paganism okay now? If all that should be overlooked  then I guess it's okay to have married*priests, priestesses, and gay priests with a live in lover.

If there were just one woman or man in Rome who'd be willing to tear this disgusting image down from the church wall I'd be proud to contribute to whatever fund was set up to pay the fine or legal defense.

* Married and having affairs with women and men--you know that would happen. Look at the Protestants. And what about the divorced priests? Will they get laicized or a do over with a new woman?