Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Catholic Net

I've been looking for a place other than Open Book to read about Catholic news and such . I still havent' found it but it my search I've come across soem really good things.

Father McCloskey This Opus Dei priest used to be at the DC Catholic Information Center. He's still in DC and writes beautifully.

Catholicity. These folks have wonderful apologetics and evangelism CDs for just a $1 donation.

Tan Books. I owe the Tan people a lot. Like most kids who came up in the 80s I was badly catechized. I didn't really learn about the Faith until I picked up a Tan books catalog and began ordering.

Roman Catholic Books. They are a publisher of some of the finest Catholic books I've ever read. Including The Life of Christ, the greatest book on our Lord ever written.

Father John Corapi. Wow! He preaches "real mighty!"

EWTN. Of course.

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