Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ash Wednesday

Last night I went to the 5:30 Mass at St. Matthews Cathedral in DC. It was wonderful. The cantor sang beautifully but wasn't trying to highjack the Mass. The organist was in a zone. He really made that old organ strut. The homily was excellent. We had four priests, two deacons and a horde of eager Eucharistic ministers.(Grrrr!) The cathedral was packed. People who came late had to stand and there was a crowd of folks who attended Mass on the steps and sidewalk.

We had one weird moment before Mass started. I glanced at my husband and almost screamed. There was a young man kneeling behind us and he was leaning so far forward that his head was actually between my husband and me. For a second it looked like a disembodied head was resting on my shoulder.

And then the dude let out a couple of small belches. Under any other circumstances a man who belched in my face would get a nasty reaction from me but since we were in church we just moved. Actually, we hopped up and ran to a different pew. And later that night we watched the pope's Ash Wednesday Mass on EWTN.


Elizabeth said...

A blessed Lent to ya. I like your posts lots, and I'm putting you on my blogroll.

Thanks for reading my blog. I wouldn't say AmeriCorps is worthless, since I love my bambini, and I wouldn't be able to work full time with them without it. It is definitely a host to a radical liberal subculture, however. I wouldn't send any kid of mine into it, unless they adopt an atmosphere more inclusive of political minorities, i.e. me and the two other conservatives in a group of 55 Corps members.

Dymphna said...

Why thank you, Elizabeth. Will you say a prayer for me when you get to the Sister Servants?