Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Bishops blow it again

I am SO disappointed (again) in the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for their opposition to the HR 4437 bill. Americans are getting screwed but the bishops don't care, no pun intended. A few years ago a young man I know had an accident and ended up in a 3 week coma. He was 19 and had no insurance so the hospital kicked him out as soon as he was fully awake and was able to walk. He got no rehab and no follow up. His family read books and came up with a makeshift physical rehab program for him with their own exercise equipment. Contrast this to the care immigrants receive. A relative of mine came home from work scandalized because a co-worker from another country (illegal) was bragging about her sweet healthcare deal. Not only is this woman and her American born children fully covered (thanks to you and me) but her husband who just arrived in the States and who has never worked one damn day here got a social worker to help him and he is getting free care for his kidney condition. U.S. is supposed to stand for United States or Uncle Sam if you're feeling whimsical not Uncle Sucker.

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