Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mary the teacher

In 1944, Claude Newman was sentenced to the electric chair. While in prison he met a Catholic prisoner who gave him a Miraculous Medal. After recieving this medal Claude's life changed. He recieved instruction in the Faith and was baptised under the name of Claude Jude. You can read the amazing story here. Mary is a true mother and like a true mother she seeks out lost children.


Djangalaang said...

Did God remove him from prison or the electric chair?


Pundits and propagandists of the Chamber of Commerce and the "boomers" of the industrial system are fond of claiming the great productivity of industrial agriculture by pointing out how few farmers there are in ratio to the population. In reality, the most efficient systems are the most "primitive." Industrial agriculture is by far the most energy inefficient system of food production.

Hundreds of industrial workers participate with each industrial farmer. There are the oil field workers, oil refinery workers, the truck drivers, the plastics plant workers, the workers who create the packaging of farm produce, the packagers, distributors, wholesalers, delivery people and retail clerks. An enormous amount of machinery is required for this process. All machinery is produced by factories somewhere, by people who must be counted in the food production network. All the seed is dependent upon years of development by cadres of technical workers. The drying, freezing, canning, distribution and other processes rely upon an infrastructure of transportation and industry. If the food is from irrigated fields the input of effort stretches back through the digging of canals, the building of dams, laying out of the electrical systems to run the pumps, the planning of these systems and often the disruption of many lives that formerly occupied the space where the dam and its accouterments now exist. The industrial agriculturist does not simply go out to the swidden plot by his village and eat a fruit from the tree. Industrial agriculture is not just a planting of seed; it is a vast complex, expensive, energy intensive, destructive system that will ultimately collapse without possibility of recovery.

hilary said...

Say Dymphna,

is that icon by Michael O'Brien?

I've always loved Claude's story. Its one of the least known I think.

Dymphna said...

No, it's done by one of the monks at Mt. Angel Abbey.

I really love Michael O'Brien's work too.