Thursday, September 07, 2006

random thoughts for a thursday night

Oh Sacred Heart, Oh Holy Mighty One, Oh Holy Immortal One have mercy on us. Send us priests after Thine own heart.

  1. The whole Taize thing was weird. Either this man, "Brother" Roger was Catholic and for some convuluted reason he didn't want to admit it or he was just play acting all along. I'll chalk this up to reason 53,000 on why you shouldn't go off to a foreign country and sit at the feet of a guru.

  2. This article shows yet another reason why I don’t give to Catholic Charities. There are plenty of solidly Catholic charity groups that could use my money instead.

  3. Run to the bookstore and buy this and take a look at this one too

  4. I just finished reading Understanding Medjugorje by Donal Foley It's a very sobering read. I never believed that the Virgin was appearing in that village and after reading Foley's book I'm convinced the whole thing is of demonic origin.

  5. There is a newly formed commission on Medjugorje. Hopefully their findings will be the beginning of the end of this travesty.


Christine said...

I hope the commission finds out for certain, one way or the other.

I am skeptical, but I have also heard a couple of stories that make me wonder.

Dymphna said...

Chris, I think the devil is a tactician. He's willing to let some good fruit spring up in order to destroy more people. Medj. has turned into a cult of it's and many good priests worry that it could lead to a schism. The Medj. followers are so adamant and they get so angry whenever someone expresses doubts. I have met people who freely admit that their whole faith rests of Medj. That's dangerous. When the Church finally says Medj. is unworthy of belief I think these people will either ignore the Vatican or they'll lose their faith completely.

Christine said...

I think you've hit the nail on the head.

True or not, many people have become very devoted to Medj.

The church might be hesitant to announce it is a fraud, fearing a split and fearing losing the people who have become devoted to it.