Saturday, December 16, 2006

Give Mel a break

I wish people would get off Mel Gibson's back. Stop projecting your paranoia, needs and wishes on to him. I have read comments from several tradionalist bloggers bemoaning the fact that Mel "failed" to make a movie on the Nativity leaving the story open to the Evangelicals who made the lackluster The Nativity Story movie. On a traditionalist message board some pitiful creature complained that Mel Gibson bought himself a new house instead of giving some of his earnings from The Passion to the SSPX or some independent ultra traditionalist order. What utter crap. Where is it written that Mel Gibson is obligated to make biblical movies for the rest of his career? What business is of ours what Mr. Gibson chooses to do with his own money?

Commenters on a Catholic blog viciously attacked Mel Gibson's daughter becase she got married at the chapel Mel paid for and because the man she married doesn't appear to be Catholic. Several people even threw hissy fits because they thought the poor girl's wedding dress was immodest. It wasn't. Padre Pio, who was a stickler for modest attire would'nt turned her away so I don't know what these people were complaining about. It seemed like they all had a beef with Mel and had to pick on his kid in order to get their ugliness out of their systems.

And then there are Catholic bloggers on the Left side who are bitching that Apocalypto is too violent. Do these saps really believe that the Maya were peaceful angelic beings who lived in perfect harmony until the mean old white man came? No, the Mayan culture was hideous (and a lot like ours in some ways-- they slaughtered thousands to their gods and we slaughter millions of unborn children to the gods of choice and convenience) and if Apocalypto was to be anything other than a cartoon Mel had to show that.

I'm also totally sick of people harping on Mel's alcohol problem. Since most of the folks in Hollywood are perverts, freaks and deviants who are they to criticize for anything? As I've said before, alcoholism runs in my family. I've seen decent, kind and beautiful people turn into monsters when they drink. It's a tragedy--- a running sore on the soul. I hope he can recover fully and I thank him for making The Passion. Period. Mel Gibson makes movies. That's all he owes the public. If you want more from him than that you really need to check yourself.


Andy Nowicki said...

Amen to all you have written here. In addition, I think Gibson needs our prayers. He's an extremely talented, gifted man who it would seem is battling some bad demons.

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Do you have any links to his daughter getting married?

vargas said...

Amen to that.

Susan said...

I noticed your anti-Semitic post in another comment on your blog. Makes sense that you'd be in support of Mel Gibson. So how do you feel about his new illegitimate child?