Saturday, January 20, 2007

Catholic Answers Forum

just realized something. Catholic Answers Forum is downright scary. Some of those questions and answers are from the Twilight Zone. One person asked if it was true that SSPX women aren't allowed to drive. I guess they just bilocate to Mass then? Whenever I read the messages on CAF I'm reminded that amateur thelogians are to be avoided.


R J Stove said...

Congratulations on these comments, ma'am, and on your blog more generally. Your website is clearly one of the extremely few in the religious blogosphere that are actually worth reading.

The mania of lay amateurs for trying to enforce the theological law (especially in the half-educated, off-the-wall manner that you describe) is one of the curses of our age. As Evelyn Waugh used to say, there is no such lay amateur whose judgment I would prefer over that of the simplest parish priest.

Lynne said...

CAF seems to be purging its trad membership.

Lynne said...

Rats! Doing the link again so it's clickable.

Dymphna said...

Thank you RJ. Lynne, I think you're right. Lately I've been horrified at how Trads are treated on CAF.

FigTree said...

Thanks so much for the confirmation! I just ran into the same thing on CAF, not just about Trad issues, but they put-down survivors of abuse.

My impression is they all must be under 30 years old. I don't see any of the Love of God in their forum, which reaches out to people. They nitpick every little thing instead of "listening" to what people are saying or asking.

I totally agree with what R J Stove said, above, about the "half-educated".... Thanks again.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"Whenever I read the messages on CAF I'm reminded that amateur thelogians are to be avoided."

Does that include me when I was there? As here?