Sunday, January 28, 2007

you gotta read this book

I just finished Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know. It's fantastic. The author is a Catholic historian and not only does she know her stuff, she knows how to present it as well. I was enthralled. Every time things look impossibly bleak God takes care of his people. He corrects, and comforts. I was especially moved by the description of the last days and death of little Prince Louis Charles, son of Louis and Marie Antoinette. The cruelty metted out to this little innocent is horrifying and I found myself wishing that I could somehow step into history and comfort him. I was glad that he had one kind person near him at the end.

This was sad and the fall of France stems directly from the rejection of Our Lord's Sacred Heart. The section on Fatima was sobering. I wish that Russia could've been unambigusously consecrated ((a lot of good, and yes, sensible Catholics still doubt that the consecration ever happened) but apparently Mary did accept what was done. However, the book reminds us that Mary's requests were not just for the pope. She asked the people for daily recitation of the rosary and pennance. How many of us are doing that and if you look at Western society how soon will another great chastisement come?


elena maria vidal said...

I am glad that other people are writing books on this topic. Deborah Cadbury's "The Lost King of France" has all the brutal details of what they did to Little Louis-Charles - don't read it at night.

Lynne said...

how soon will another great chastisement come?

Soon. Take your pick, China, Iran, ???

Dymphna said...

I don't think I could read Lost King. I felt so bad for that poor little boy. The full details would make me ill.

Aunty Belle said...

Seems ter me that the wee ones --innocents--always pay the heaviest price.. Lord have mercy, but jes' think how lil' Francisco of Fatima was scared ter death by the mayor--not as dreadful as Louie, but evil seems to despise innocence, doan it?

An' Ya'll does ya know 'bout St. Foy?

A little girl whose daddy were a Roman big shot in Gaul and when she was converted to Catholicism by her nanny, Dacien--a roman thug if ever thar' was one-- kilt the child cause she would not renounce her faith--and her jes' 12 years old.

And Maria Goretti ...oh mah heavens, how evil hates holy innocence.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I have been to a town called Sainte Foy - the Church is under her patronage.