Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fr. Richard Sparks---- warning deeply offensive content

Years ago, decades really, a book was published called, Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle. It's still in print and you can buy it from Tan. It was the story of a false priest--- a man who with his communist comrades went to the seminary, got ordained and worked quietly to do evil from the inside of the Church. Fr, Richard Sparks is a perfect example of what can happy when the priest is not 100% orthodox. I'm not saying he's a deliberate anti apostle but if he can get up in public and say foul things like this about the holy mother of Our Lord and Saint Joseph, her most chaste spouse, then something has gone seriously wrong in his vocation. Fr. if you do not believe why do you stay in the priesthood? What the heck happened to the Paulists?

This Lent may Our Lady, queen and mother to all priests touch his heart.

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