Sunday, February 25, 2007

Saturday I got up early and caught a cab to church. We only have one car and my husband was at work and I missed the bus. Oh well. Fr. Theoden reccomended a group to me that cleans up after Mass. I met the leader of the group but they weren't doing their thing that day. As my stomach was curling up in knots (nerves--- I'm shy and talking to new people sometimes makes me ill) I was relieved. I'll come back next Saturday.

After Mass I read the little office of the Blessed Virgin and did the Stations. Fr. sat a few pews in front of me saying his Breviary. That was inspiring. I missed the bus on my return trip and decided to walk instead of standing in the cold at the stop. I enjoyed the walk, I met friendly people and was "kissed" by a happy giant poodle which was really great.

It was a three mile up hill walk and my legs are aching today. Rocky, was somewhat cautious about the whole thing. He argued that one : I normally don't get up until ten on Saturdays and since my job is so stressful that I need the rest. and two that that keeping up after him is grueling enough so why do I want to do more cleaning? Funny man. My darling mother argued that I should be doing something more intellecutal. I was talking to her on the phone and could see her lip curling in disgust in my mind's eye. She thinks I should be sponsoring someone as a catechuemen or arguing in a bible study class. We'll see.

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Glad you like the Little Office.