Sunday, December 02, 2007

Oh dear... this is most appalling

I sympathize with many people who go to SSPX Masses. I actually have bought books from Angelus Press and I enjoyed watching the online catechism taught by Fr. Daniel Cooper and Bishop Fellay seems like a cautious and sensible man but Bishop Williamson makes me cringe.

As long as he's the "face" of the SSPX and says things like this the entire worthy Trad movement will have an image problem. Could someone persaude Williamson to take an extended retreat to a nice, cozy hermitage in Pantagonia or South Dakota?


a thorn in the pew said...

I read it, I agree. I hope for a uniting one day, too. I've met some wonderful people and hope that we will all be in the same fold one day soon. That article is downright scarry...

R J Stove said...

Bishop Williamson's antics, as quoted here, are alarming. They sum up exactly why I no longer attend SSPX Masses except on occasion.

Having been received into the Church via an SSPX chapel, I am in no sense anti-SSPX. Probably an outright majority of lay SSPX adherents are admirable people, much better Catholics than I shall ever be.

But ... there is a noisy, conspiratorial, Jew-baiting, lay minority in certain SSPX chapels, and this minority is, quite simply, insane. At times it is violent. It has certain SSPX clergy absolutely under its collective thumb.

I cannot understand why Bishop Fellay does not simply read the riot act to these crazies, from Williamson down. Until he does, I shall concentrate upon attending Masses at the local indult/FSSP church.