Monday, May 26, 2008

Corpus Christi

On Sunday after Mass at our own parish, we visited two parishes, St. Michael's and St. John the Beloved. St. Michaels is a weird looking church. When we got there we hesitated because there was a fence and a sign saying "Private Road" and "No trepassing". Rocky said, "Do they not want us to come in?" We drove on anyway. Maybe they've had some trouble with the neighbors in the past.

The church looks like a small 1970s airport. There's nothing to make you think, Catholic Church at all. However, the people are pleasant and once we stepped inside we fell in love. Somebody put a lot of love into decorating that church. They have altar rails and the Blessed Sacrament is right in the middle on the altar. They also have a charming Adoration chapel that was filled with people of all races and ages. On Wednesdays an Opus Dei priest hears confessions from 1 to 4 PM. We said a rosary and were on our way.

I was longing to see St. John the Beloved because that's where Man in a Black Hat goes. The pastor there, has taken ill so please say a prayer for him. St. John's is quite handsome. They have a low traditonal Mass on Friday evenings and a relic of St. Jose Maria Escriva. We did the Stations of the Cross and went off to have lunch at Applebees.


a thorn in the pew said...

That sounds like a nice day. Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

SAF said...

I had read and enjoyed some of your posts this morning for the first time, and intended to comment by inviting you to visit my parish, St. Michael's.
Upon returning from an errand, I logged back on and here was this post.
I'm glad you overlooked the architecture and enjoyed your visit!

SAF said...

This is weird!
I had just read your blog for the first time earlier this morning, and intended to invite you to visit my parish, St. Michael's, upon returning from an errand.
Just got back, logged on, and there was this post.
So glad you overlooked the architecture, and enjoyed your visit!

SAF said...

Double post; sorry.

Dymphna said...

No problem. We really liked St. Michaels.