Friday, May 02, 2008

Tridentine Mass at St. Rita's

Last night on the traditional feast of the Assension we went to St. Rita's for a high solemn Mass. It was awesome and I mean that. We had a priest, a deacon and a subdeacon. We have five beautifully trained altar boys and Dominican monks. The guest homilist was an old Dominican and he really made us all sit up straight and listen. Everyone's biretta was crisp and shiny, the vestments were dazzling and the chant was sublime. When Fr. Aragon (his nickname) began the concecration it came to me in a flash that this was reminesent of the Jewish temple days when the high priest went alone to the Holy of Holies to offer insense. At the end of Mass the priests and brothers all departed in silence.

The pews were filled with young people and I saw quite a few couples with babies and young kids. Oh beautiful divine litury of the Church, ever ancient ever new. How I I do love the TLM.

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paramedicgirl said...

I also love the TLM, or, as it is now called, the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. (It's a lot easier to just say TLM, isn't it?)

I have been blessed since we moved to Vancouver last fall. I travel 45 minutes to a High Mass (I'm on my way soon) and the Low Mass is 35 minutes in the opposite direction. The poor priest runs himself ragged getting from one location to the other to say both Masses. God bless him.