Sunday, July 27, 2008

Humane Vitae

This year is the 40th anniversary of HV. I think the contraception rule must be the most flouted of all the Church's teachings. I only know one Catholic couple who are not and have never used any form of contraception. I know a wonderful Catholic woman who goes to Mass every Sunday and sees nothing wrong in taking the pill. I've heard brave young priests defend HV from the pulpit only to face hard strares and muttering from the pews. A good chunk of the laity has chosen to do as they please.

And let's not forget the priests and nuns who are loud about their rejection of HV. Perhaps it eases their consciences about not following all the requirements of the religious life.

Pope Paul VI , the author of Humanae Vitae was such a tragic figure. Was his heart completely broken by the time he reached his death bed? His predictions about widespread use of contraception have come true : women are less respected, children are less loved and Western society totters along like an old druken, syphillis ridden whore who is heavily painted up to look young and healthy from a distance.


homeschoolofthree said...

I know several, actually, lots of wonderful Catholic families who completely adhere to HV. The funny thing is...they are the very same homeschooling families that you seem to think are hiding their children from society. You need to find a different circle of aquaintences!

Dymphna said...

Oh I dont' think all homeschoolers are hiding out. I actually thought it would be kind of cool to teach my own child.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

HV is a great document and a reminder to us that Life is the foundation for every issue.

miss book said...

I, too, never bought the lie of contraception.
Priests and others who uphold HV need our prayers, as of course,do those who ignore it.I sometimes think the mutterings and hard stares from the pews happen because people believe that 'as this is my church, it must support me as I do things my way, because Jesus loves me just as I am.What it must never do is judge me or my actions'.