Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mass at Our Lady of the Angels

We couldn't make it to our parish for the vigil Mass and we needed to visit Rocky's parents, Big Mama and Big Daddy (they are doing poorly), so we went to a parish near them, Our Lady of the Angels. The music was.... bad, really bad. I could see that the cantor and organist were doing the best that they could so I'll leave it at that. I listened for a few seconds and then got out my earplugs.

I could hear the priest but the music was mercifully muted. They had several altar boys and the priest said a straight, no-nonsense Mass. Rocky and I were both really relieved.

I hope never to live in Prince William County -- except for the rural end it's not a nice place anymore, but if I had to do it, I guess we could do a lot worse than to belong to Our Lady of the Angels.


Anonymous said...

I live in PWC, and I DO like it. I've lived all over Northern VA, and I like Prince William very much.

Dymphna said...

I used to love PW but it's changed in the last ten years.

Susan said...

Do you ever share these comments with the musicians or do you just scurry off to your little blog to bad-mouth them (thinking that you haven't been found out?)

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

It is kind of a good habit, when one has commented on someone on one's blog, to send them the post, if one knows their adress.