Sunday, December 28, 2008

merry christmas

We were just too tired to do the midnight Mass this year, so we went to Christmas Day Mass at 8 AM. It was lovely, peaceful and not crowded. Fr. Theoden and Fr. Gollum were exhausted but happy. The tree was beautifully decorated and there were masses of poinsettas.

I was a little sorry to see how bummy so many of the parishioners looked. Strange, how folks will get dressed up to go to a club and have a hook up with some stranger but show up in dirty sweats to see the King of Kings.

One of the gifts I got for Rocky was the Pope's Cologne. It smells fantastic! Rocky likes it and I love it on him. It's clean and grown up, like a sophisticated man ought to smell.


Joe! said...

Merry Christmas!

the Mom said...

The Pope's cologne? Please tell me more.

Dymphna said...

Mom, it smells yummy and isn't too expensive.

Charlotte said...

Hey Dymphna - the picture on this entry? Where is it from? When I enter in the blog address tagged to the picture, Google and Blogger say it doesn't exist. Thanks!