Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Father Michael Jude Fay died

Fr. Fay, the fallen Connecticut priest who embezzeled roughly a million dollars from his parish to finance his lavish lifestyle has died in prison. Being a prisoner must have been nigh on to unbearable for him. There are no Waterford crystal goblets, no beautiful decorations, no gorgeous flower arrangements and no pretty, prancing companions. I hope that in that prison he remembered Jesus and found peace.

Pray for our priests, the fallen ones, the straying ones, the ones who have given scandal, and the ones in Purgatory. And pray especially, for Fr. Michael Madden, the parochial vicar who exposed Fr. Fay and says he was threatened by the bishop for speaking up. Fr. Madden said that the four years he spent living in the rectory with Fr. Fay was a living hell and brokenhearted by the whole disgusting spectacle he has since left the priesthood. The priesthood has not left him, however,and God willing, someday he'll come back.

St. John Vianney, pray for us.
Blessed Brother Andre, pray for us.
Blessed Solanus Casey, pray for us.
Servant of God, Archbishop Sheen, pray for us.
Servant of God, Father Vincent Capadano, pray for us.
St. Therese, who did so love priests and sacraficed so much for them, pray for us.


Terry Nelson said...

I'm surprised, although I seem to recall he did have cancer. Very unfortunate situation.

msc said...

Don't these priests realize that their behavour harms so many people?

I'll pray for his soul. I'll also pray for the other priest who left. The bishop should have given him a medal for doing the right thing.

Easter A. said...

I am sorry to hear this. I've heard of him before, but never knew about this lavished lifestyle. May God forgive all his sins.

Thank you for your prayers for our priests!

Thank you for following http://atributetoourpriests.blogspot.com/.

Your blogsite is on my main blog, Mostly Prayers. I hope to visit you often. Many blessings...