Saturday, August 15, 2009

should John Paul II be cannonized?

This dude says no.

I think he's too harsh and is wrong on a couple of points. Meeting with victims would've accomplished nothing except provide a phot op for a Catholic hating media. The Holy Father should no more apologize for the sins of other people than I am for the sins of my cousin who went to jail several years ago for doing something really, really bad.

Plus, some victims claimed abuse decades after the accused priest was dead. I wouldn't trust that. It may sound unkind, but if you have no evidence either biologicalor material, no witnesses, nothing but your word against a dead guy then your story has to be suspect. That's the deal for Joe Blow and it ought to be the deal for Father.

I do believe, however, that JPII made mistakes. I think he was way too soft and was held back by the fear of schism. And then there is the kissing the koran thing--- St. Francis would've died first. However, his personal holiness has never been in question, even by his harshest critics. At any rate the cannonizatin process needs to be slowed down and cool heads need to look into things.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I agree the canonization process needs to slow down no canonized saint was perfect. (not counting the Blessed Mother of course)

Anita Moore said...

Here's a Pope who needs to be canonized in post and in haste: Pius XII.

Terry Nelson said...

I too think the process should slow down - everything is way too mixed up still and canonization would just put an imprimatur on too many people, places, and things associated with him - like TOB for instance. Then there is Assisi and the Koran kissing as you mention. Anita is correct - Pius XII should be santo subito before any of his successors.

Joe S.R. said...

I agree, he was a very holy man. You see that he was a devout and holy man, but it seems like he had only been buried a week and he was already a Servant of God with his beatification being scheduled. Maybe some time in the future.