Sunday, June 06, 2010

how to ruin your life -- the men's edition

Rocky went to visit a relative a while back and found that the afternoon was a lot like walking into a warzone. The relative is unhappily married and has given up on the hope of being happy. He's hanging in there for the sake of his kids, his home and his position in his church. Misery just hung in the air like a black cloud.

Guys if you want to be unhappy just:

  • marry a woman who is intellectually dull and then complain that she's dumb ---not fair, dude!
  • marry a woman who is one or two social classes below or above you and then expect her to see the world the sme way you do
  • marry a helpless woman who needs to be rescued---- that won't be romantic at all five years down the line when you find that she's incapable of managing the house, the children, the dog or herself
  • marry a woman who comes from an abusive background and then be shocked that it left a mark on her spirit

  • marry a woman whom you do not respect and never will

  • marry a woman who sees the marriage as a way out of a bad situation

  • marry a woman without learning about her past

Saints Gengulf, Rita, Monica and mighty St. Joseph, pray for us.


Old Bob said...

Dear Dymphna, thanks for the great advice! It's interesting that I've had the wish to be "knight in shining armor" since I was young - but many woman have told me that that just does not work. I'm better off single, I guess; and after nearly fifty years of falling in love and courting, I think God has made that plain to me.

Lola said...

Rocky might want to pass on this information:

It doesn't require men to 'share' in a group setting.

Dymphna said...

Bless you both. Don't forget Bob, the single state is a vocation too.