Saturday, July 24, 2010

ugly truth is better than pretty lies

A lot of people are shocked (oh come on!) and horrified by the new story about a gay priest scandal in Rome. A reporter followed priests to gay clubs and watched them have sex with other men, which IS the whole point of going to a gay club. I can't figure out why anybody is surprised by this. Let's face it. For the last few decades the church has been heavily effeminate.

Over the years I've seen article after article asking where the Catholic men are. These articles mostly discussed theories as to why men weren't going to Mass or taking part in parish life but what a lot of people whispered was "Where are the manly priests?"

Read Goodbye Good Men some time and you'll get an idea of what the hell went wrong in our seminaries. One of my dear friends went to the Redemptorist seminary back in the 80s. He and all of his friends left because they could not stomach the open homosexuality. The last straw for my friend was when he walked in on an attempted seduction scene between a professor and a seminarian. He reported what he saw and was told to hush up and forget it.

Have you noticed how middle aged priests speak very carefully about their seminary days? Most don't seem to remember it fondly and say that they had to spend a lot of time keeping silent in order to get through and be ordained. The seminaries were a gay kingdom/playground for a long time and yes, we are reaping the miserable results. And there's something else: a lot of church women prefer a girly priest because he's more likely to let them have their way in running the parish. Until a scandal breaks out they're secretly delighted that their parish repels men. Scandals come but truth is better than lies. We need to face the truth and demand that the bishops clean up the cesspool. Until then we will keep on hearing about false hearted priests who use parish money to keep their lovers, Judases who abuse boys, and priests who preach a weak, strange gospel.


Anita Moore said...

Goodbye, Good Men was a very sobering read, and even more so in light of the fresh scandals that have come to light since it was published (e.g., the revelations about the former Archbishop of Milwaukee).

R J said...

One thing which I've never seen mentioned anywhere is the fact that it isn't just girly priests. There have also been far too many girly laymen calling the shots ever since Vatican II. Here's an Australian example (warning: contains extremely graphic descriptions of sex acts):

Oddly enough, sometimes the situation is at its very worst in cities that (unlike Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Sydney) don't have a long tradition of homosexual public culture. This is because in places without this culture, backstabbing is of the essence when it comes to queer cliques destroying the livelihoods and reputations of honest, scrupulous heterosexual Catholics. If the queers were open and above board they'd be less powerful and dangerous.

Sanctus Belle said...

Dymphna, you are one of the most clear headed Catholic bloggers on earth.

Pablo said...

Dear Miss Dymphna,

Are you familiar with this?

I would like yoyr opinion of this.


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"ugly truth is better than pretty lies"

Really? Some people over here seem to have missed that!