Monday, September 13, 2010

the pants debate--- oh not again

The annual and very tiresome great pants debate has broken out in Catholic blog land again. The woman in the above photo is St. Gianna Molla. She's good enough for me. Can pants be immodest? Yes indeed and I've been stunned many a time by the display of flesh I've seen at Mass. I've seen Catholic women and girls proudly wear stuff to church that my Baptist and AME Zion relatives would never dream of wearing in a holy place. Are all pants bad? No. Time, place, circumstances and the age and intentions of the wearer have to be taken into account.

Do I wear pants? No, they don't look good on me and I find them too confining. I've been in the mountains, swamps and woodlands in skirts and did just fine. I do own one pair of jeans that I reserve for nasty, dirty jobs but that's it. I saw that one blogger got over 300 comments after her vent about pants. I wish people would be that passionate about the liturgy.


Old Bob said...

Hi, Dymphna! Couldn't agree more! I help usher occasionally, so am in the back of the church, and the view is sometimes very distracting.

Lola said...

There are many times I look to St. Gianna for an example. She wasn't afraid of looking nice.

Where do you find your favorite skirts?

I can find dressy skirts nearly everywhere, but my favorite type of casual skirt has disappeard. The Sarong 'wrap' skirt. Now, my true age is showing. The last time I saw one for sale was in the early 90s.

Dymphna said...

I'm a catalog shopper. Soft Surroundings, LL Bean, Woman Within and Victorian Trading Company,

Pablo said...

A woman wearing pants is like a fish riding a bycycle.


Ginny said...

Well said Dymphna!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Well said once again. As I say there are bigger fish to fry, the sacrilegious state of Liturgy in many parishes is one of these issues.

Pablo said...

Men need to put their feet down and bring women back into line in all things.

For a man to capitulate even a small thing to a woman makes her lose respect for him in all things.

Us men have dominion on this planet.

Women have the vocation of populating it, cooking, and cleaning the place up.

In a dress.


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