Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rest in peace.

Julian and Charles Lewis.

It really, really bothers me that so many people slobber over killers and completely forget the murder victims. Julian and Charles Lewis died a horrible and painful death. Charles was just 25. Julian, his father suffered for some time before he finally died. I have not seen a single blog or news article express pity for them but I've seen several that expressed sympathy for the wife and stepmother who plotted their deaths. I couldn't even find a photograph of the victims.


Baron Korf said...

A Clytemnestra of greed. It's a shame for anyone to be killed, but it is also justice.

Pablo said...

On many Catholic blogs there were people asking for mercy for this murderer.

They believed the Death Penalty for her was a wrongful punishment.

It took a long while to convince our Catholic brethren that Holy Mother Church is in favor of the Death Penalty.

To not believe in it is to committ a material heresy; you are going against Church teaching.

Those that protested vigorously should have begun their protest with a recitation of the Holy Rosary for all the souls involved.

It is sad that they probably don't know how.

May God have had Mercy on their souls.